2:00 p.m. Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall

Decisions (Minutes) of this meeting


1. Vancouver Transportation Plan (i) Administrative Report dated May 13, 1997, entitled "Public Consultation Report on the Draft Transportation Plan"


1. CD-1 Text Amendment, 800-1100 Pacific Boulevard (Quayside Neighbourhood, Concord Pacific Place) Payment-in-Lieu for Non-Family Non-Market Housing 2. Urban Noise Task Force - Final Decision


1. GVRD Intergovernmental Advisory Committee


1. Award of Tender No. 35-97-01: Supply of 300 HP Bulldozers 2. Woodwards Parkades - Structural and Seismic Upgrading and Commercial Development 3. Local Improvement Reballots 4. Local Improvements by Petition - June 17, 1997 First and Second Step Report 5. Information Report on 1996 Baxter Fund Grants 6. Grants Equal to Theatre Rent - Spring Update REQUIRES EIGHT AFFIRMATIVE VOTES 7. Distribution of Flow Through Funding for the Vancouver Childcare Regional Delivery model Pilot Project - Year Three 8. Strata Title Conversion: 1561-1563 East 10th Avenue 9. Strata Title Conversion: 3049 Yukon Street 10. Strata Title Conversion: 26-28 West 14th Avenue 11. Strata Title Conversion: 378 West 15th Avenue 12. Dedicated Fire Protection System - Kitsilano Pump Station 13. Possible Withholding Action for 3521 West 40th Avenue - Dunbar RS-1 Interim Zoning Review Study Area 14. Extension of Building Permit No. BU218047 5698 Aberdeen St. and also 3535-3549 Kingsway


I. Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission May 15, 1997 Cl. 1: 1066 West Hastings Street, 532876 B.C. Ltd. Restaurant - Class 2 Cl. 2: Municipal Approval of Liquor Licenses Cl. 3: Licensed Establishments, Police Information Report Cl. 4: Other Business: (a) Calgary Trip (b) Downtown South Liquor Licensing Policies Report (c) Seattle and Lane Cleanliness (Pioneer Square) (d) Seattle s Pioneer Square Joint Cover Program


1. A By-law to amend By-law No. 5208, being the Subdivision By-law (Revision to RS-1/RS-1S/RS-3/RS-3A/RS-5/RS-6 Sub-area Classifications - 3791 West 26th Avenue) 2. A By-law to amend By-law No. 7209, being a By-law which amended the Zoning and Development By-law by rezoning an area to CD-1 (505-595 West Pender Street) 3. A By-law to amend By-law No. 3575, being the Zoning and Development By-law (8400-8500 Block Adera Street)


A. Conveyance, Acceptance and Allocation of Lands for Lane Purposes (All that portion of Lot 8, Blocks 37 and 38, District Lot 51, Plan 1735, Group One, NWD) B. Conveyance, Acceptance and Allocation of Lands for Lane Purposes (The East 2 feet of Lot 1, Block 5 of Block 4, District Lots 391 and 392, Plan 2096) C. Conveyance, Acceptance and Allocation of Lands for Lane Purposes (The South 5 feet of Lot 19, Block 2, South East 1/4 of Section 48, THSL, Plan 1692) * * * * *