REGULAR COUNCIL - June 3, 1997

2:00 p.m. Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall

Decisions (Minutes) of this meeting


1. Award of Tender No. 29-97-03: Supply of Traffic Signal and Street Lighting Poles 2. Award of Tender No. 57-97-05: Supply and Delivery of Extra Strength Vitrified Clay Sewer Pipe and Fittings 3. Renewal Option - Contract No. 58-96-05: Supply and Delivery of Cover Material 4. Proposed Closure of a Portion of the South Side of Crowley Drive, East of Gaston Street 5. Proposed Closure of Portion of the South Side of First Avenue between Victoria Drive and Semlin Drive 6. Re-approval of Strata Title Conversion: 611 Main Street 7. Strata Title Conversion: 440 Cambie Street 8. Proposed Closure of portion of Carrall Street and Cordova Street 9. Proposed Dr. Peter Centre - site reservation


1. RS Options - Portions of West Kerrisdale 2. Regulating the Conversion and Demolition of SRO Hotels


1. A By-law to amend the Street Name By-law, being By-law No. 4054 (603-625 East 15th Avenue to 603-625 Kingsway) 2. A By-law to amend By-law No. 3575, being the Zoning and Development By-law (Discretionary Relaxation for School Facilities) 3. A By-law to amend By-law No. 5208, being the Subdivision By-law (Addition of Standards for New Districts) 4. A By-law to amend By-law No. 5208, being the Subdivision By-law (Revision to RS-1/RS-1S/RS-3/RS-3A/RS-5/RS-6 Subarea Classifications (1708 East 56th Avenue) 5. A By-law to amend Schedule A to By-law No. 6754, being the Coal Harbour Official Development Plan (Boundary Adjustment re 1201 West Hastings Street) * * * * *