PUBLIC HEARING - MAY 29, 1997 7:30 p.m. Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall

Decisions (Minutes) re Items 1(a) and 1(b) only

1. Area Rezoning: West Southlands RS-1, Sub-Areas 1 and 2 (a) West Southlands RS-1, Sub-Area 1 (b) West Southlands RS-1, Sub-Area 2

Decisions (Minutes) re Items 2(a) to (c), and 3(a) and (b)

2. Text Amendment & Area Rezoning: Douglas Park RS-1S and Dunbar RS-1S (a) RS-5 District Schedule (b) Douglas Park RS-1S (c) Dunbar RS-1S 3. Area Rezoning: Dunbar RS-1, Zoning of Southlands Elementary School, and West Point Grey RS-1 (a) Dunbar RS-1 (b) Zoning of Southlands Elementary School, 5351 Camosun Street (Block 275, DL 140, Plan 8266)

Item 3(c) - West Point Grey RS-1 to be dealt with at a separate Public Hearing on July 28, 1997

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