PUBLIC HEARING - July 22, 1997

2:00 P.M., Council Chamber

Decisions (Minutes) of this meeting

1. 2855 West 6th Avenue (West half of Lot 42, Block 30, District Lot 192, Plan 1560) Heritage Designations Administrative Report dated June 23, 1997, refers If approved the proposed development would: - designate the existing building at 2855 West 6th Avenue, listed in the "B" evaluation category on the Vancouver Heritage Register; - ensure the protection of the building from inappropriate alterations and demolition in the future; and - be in exchange for a relaxation of parking requirements for Bed and Breakfast use from 2 spaces required to none provided. Applicant: Lynn Hainstock Recommended Approval: By the Director of Community Planning on behalf of the Director of Land Use and Development If you wish to address the Public Hearing, you can do so by registering your name at the door prior to the meeting. * * * * *