This is a Special Council meeting per section 2.5 (b) of the Procedure By-law for the purpose of hearing from speakers on the 2020 Budget.

Requests to speak must be received prior to 8:30 am on the day of the meeting.



1. 2020 Capital and Operating Budget

Council will receive a presentation on the 2020 Capital and Operating Budget and related reports, and hear from speakers to those reports.

The following reports are attached:

a.  2020 Engineering Fees PDF

b.  2020 Annual Review of Water Rates and Water Works By-law Amendments PDF

c.  2020 Annual Review of Sewer Rates Under the Sewer & Watercourse By-law PDF

d.  2020 Solid Waste Utility (SWU) Fees and By-Law Changes  PDF

e.  False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility (“NEU”) 2020 Customer Rates PDF

f.  2020 Capital Budget and Operating Budget PDF

Additional Documents


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Download the agenda  PDF