City of Vancouver


Report of the Urban Noise Task Force
City of Vancouver, April, 1997


  1. Task Force Membership
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Introduction
  4. Solutions: Recommendations

  5. Enforcement
  6. Implementation


  1. Terms of Reference
  2. Typical Traffic Noise Levels
  3. Common Noise Levels
  4. Edmonton Mediation Pamphlet
  5. Machines and Noise Reduction
  6. Globe and Mail Article
  7. Public Opinion Poll Summary
  8. High School Student Poll
  9. Invited Presenters to Task Force
  10. Acoustic Playground
For appendices not available on this webpage please
contact the Urban Noise Task Force, City of Vancouver
Vancouver Health Board, Environmental Health Division,
200-1770 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6L 4Y6.


Figure 1: Most significant noise sources
Figure 2: Letters received by topic
Figure 3: Has noise increased?
- City-wide responses
Figure 4: Has noise increased?
- Downtown/West End responses
Figure 5: Extent to which noise is a problem
- City-wide responses
Figure 6: Extent to which noise is a problem
- Downtown/West End reponses
Figure 7: Do you support increasing the number of designated quiet parks?
Figure 8: Could the volume of sirens be safely reduced?
- City-wide responses
Figure 9: Could the volume of sirens be safely reduced?
- Downtown/West End responses
Figure 10: Should the owners of persistently barking dogs be ticketed?
Figure 11: Should a persistently barking dog be removed to the pound?
Figure 12: Should there be stricter enforcement in response to noisy parties?
Figure 13: Should the police be given the authority to enter premises and disable continually-sounding security alarms?
Figure 14: Should there be a prohibition against commercial lawn mowing on Sundays?
Figure 15: Do you support a prohibition on private lawn mowing during a certain period on Sundays?
Figure 16: Should the use of leaf blowers be banned?
Figure 17: Should there be stricter enforcement against construction noise?
Figure 18: Should the City buy or lease only quiet or sound-treated equipment even if it costs a bit more?

1. Membership

The Urban Noise Task Force

Dick Hiscocks, Chair
Tom Detlor
Margaret Eberle
Errol Hannigan
Bradley Jang
Susan Kainer
Michael Noble
Kathy Pichora-Fuller
Roy Silverson
Barry Truax

Council Liaisons

Councillor Lynne Kennedy
Councillor Gordon Price


Judy Rogers, Deputy City Manager
Nick Losito, Director of Environmental Health
Alfred Guthrie, Noise Control Officer
Gail Johnson, City Clerk's
Larry Cantrell, City Clerk's

Cover illustration is used with the permission of the Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection (Right to Quiet) and is protected by copyright. ©1996

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