In-camera Council meeting released decisions and reports
October 14, 2014


Lease Terms and other arrangements for Temporary Supportive Housing at 1335 Howe Street

A. THAT Council authorize the Director of Real Estate Services to negotiate a sub-lease (the “Sub-Lease”) with Community Builders Foundation (2013) (CBF) with a value of s.17(1), for the operation of the city-leased property at 1335 Howe Street, legally described as PID 004-481-488, 004-481-496, 004-481-500, 004-481-518, 004-481-526, 004-481-534, 004-481-569, 004-481-593, Lots 27 – 34, Block 111 District Lot 541, Plan 210, on the following terms and conditions:

i. A term of up to 24 months;
ii. Nominal prepaid rent of s.17(1) as well as an operating subsidy as further described in the Administrative Report dated October 9, 2014, entitled “Lease Terms and other arrangements for Temporary Supportive Housing at 1335 Howe Street”;
iii. CBBF responsible for day to day repairs and maintenance of the in-suite components and minor building components; payment of utilities; tenant management; tenant support services; provision of breakfast daily;
iv. City responsible for costs of the maintenance and repair of major building components such as elevator and heating/ventilation system; and
v. CBBF to ensure that tenants will consist primarily of people being transferred from shelters or who are homeless, who are assessed as ready for housing and more independent living.

B. THAT the Sub-Lease may be on such further and other terms as are acceptable to the Chief Housing Officer, Director of Real Estate Services, and General Manager of Community Services, and upon such Sub-Lease being acceptable to them, such Sub-Lease may be executed and delivered on behalf of the City by the Director of Legal Services.

C. THAT no legal rights or obligations will be created by Council's adoption of the above Recommendations unless and until a Sub-Lease is negotiated, executed and delivered by the City and CBBF.

D. THAT Council direct staff to continue to work with BC Housing to enable their contribution to the operating costs of this interim supportive housing site for homeless individuals and those at high risk of homelessness in Vancouver.

The Administrative report dated October 9, 2014, refers.


* * * * *