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TO: Standing Committee on Transportation and Traffic
FROM: General Manager of Engineering Services
SUBJECT: 3300 Adanac Street - Mid-block Bulges and Crosswalk




This report seeks approval and funding for mid-block bulges and a crosswalk in the 3300 block of Adanac Street.


The Cassiar Connector project, completed in 1990, resulted in all east/west streets and lanes between Hastings Street and First Avenue, except for Adanac Street, ending at the Connector. A north/south lane, on the west side of the Connector, was constructed to allow for the circulation of local traffic, bicycles and pedestrians through the neighbourhood. As

well, north/south sidewalks were built connecting the lanes with Adanac Street, but no additional measures were built to assist pedestrians in crossing Adanac Street.


Adanac Street is an 11m wide local street which carries 4,800 vehicles per day. The north/south sidewalks, adjacent the Cassiar Connector, intersect Adanac Street mid-block at the crest of a hill. This is not an ideal pedestrian crossing location, but since the pedestrian corridor is already established, changes to improve safety at this location are recommended.

The proposed bulges would improve visibility between pedestrians and drivers and narrow the road at the point where pedestrians cross. A marked and signed crosswalk would alert drivers to the unexpected pedestrian corridor at this location.


On May 30, 2000, letters were delivered to the residents of the 3300 block of Adanac Street advising them of the proposed changes to their street (Attachment "A"). A total of seventeen letters were delivered explaining the project and asking that residents contact the Neighbourhood Transportation Branch if they had any questions or concerns about the proposed changes. One response was received in support of the proposed changes.


The estimated capital cost of installing the mid-block bulges and crosswalk is $16,000. Funding for this project is available from Streets Basic Capital Unappropriated Account No. 30000326 - Local Area Traffic Plans and Other Improvements.

In addition to the capital costs for this project there will be maintenance costs associated with the signing and paint marking of the crosswalk. It is recommended that the Traffic Operations Maintenance Budget be increased by $100.


Bulges are an effective means by which visibility between pedestrians and drivers can be increased and the amount of time that pedestrians are off the sidewalk and on the road can be decreased. It is recommended that bulges be built mid-block in the 3300 block of Adanac Street and that a crosswalk be marked and signed at this location.




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