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Dear Resident:

Adanac Street - 3300 Block
Proposed Mid-block Bulges and Crosswalk

The City of Vancouver, Engineering Services, is proposing to install mid-block bulges and a crosswalk on your street, as shown in the diagram on the reverse of this letter. The diagram shows the sidewalks located just to the west of the Trans Canada Highway, which allow for north/south pedestrian travel through the neighbourhood. The sidewalks intersect Adanac Street mid-block, at the crest of a hill. The bulges and crosswalk are being proposed in order to improve pedestrian safety at this location.

The bulges would narrow the width of the road and improve visibility between drivers and pedestrians. The new crosswalk would alert drivers to the existence of the pedestrian corridor, at this unexpected location.

The proposed changes will be presented to City Council, later this year, for approval. If approved, the project would be funded from existing capital funds and there would be no increase to local tax payers.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed changes to your street, please call Nicky Hood at 873-7742, by June 16,2000.

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