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3. Development of the Ridgeway Greenway/Bikeway - File: 5767

E. THAT staff conduct a public process on the six alternative routes through sub-area 3, as presented in this report, and report back.


F. THAT Council approve the route in sub-area 3 as proposed, from the intersection of Puget Drive, Narvaez Drive and West 31st Avenue, along West 31st Avenue to Elm Street, along Elm Street to West 30th Avenue, along West 30th Avenue to Macdonald Street, along Macdonald Street to Quesnel Drive, and along Quesnel Drive to King Edward Avenue, and approve $133,000 of additional funds from the Streets Basic Capital Unappropriated Account No. 12/31/6906/999 (City Greenways), subject to the approval of the 1999 Streets Capital Budget.

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Councillor Chiavario arrived during the hearing of delegations on this matter.
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Clause No. 3 Continued

· the need for traffic calming measures for Valdez Avenue
· a number of households in area 4 which will be directly affected by the "traffic calming" on Quesnel Drive were not included in the education process or in the voting
· Quesnel Drive, with 1500 cars a day, is not a quiet street and not suitable for a Greenway/Bikeway; concern with cyclist safety at King Edward/ Quesnel intersection
· too much traffic will be deflected off Quesnel onto Valdez and the neighbourhood below
· the need for a stop sign at the east end of Valdez at Puget Drive to ensure safety at blind intersection, and relocating the proposed stop signs for Puget Drive at Valdez either one block south or north to prevent speeding
· the need to extend the north west corner of Puget Drive and Valdez Avenue to prevent traffic from entering onto Valdez from Puget Drive and thereby limiting uphill traffic
· concerns with consultation process, loss of residents' privacy and usefulness of route
· the bikeway is not designed for the elderly or commuter cyclists, with numerous hills found in areas 2, 3 and 4

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Clause No. 3 Continued

· opposition to the proposed changes at the King Edward and Quesnel intersection (right-in right-out diverter)
· concern with proposed central medians at Vine and 33rd which will make an already narrow street narrower and create problems with left turns onto Narvaez
· opposition to traffic light at King Edward and Quesnel, which, given the 8% grade, could cause problems with vehicles travelling uphill in slippery winter conditions
· concern with use of Quesnel south of King Edward of part of Ridgeway/Bikeway as this section is currently a bus and truck route, which it should remain
· Puget Drive should be considered as part of the Ridgeway Greenway
· provide option for cyclists to continue west on 29th Avenue from Macdonald to Blenheim and proceed north, or continue the cycle pathway along 37th Avenue from Granville Street to Blenheim to avoid congestion at King Edward and Quesnel intersection
· Quadra Street, only two blocks long, with four properties, is not compatible with car, cyclists and pedestrian traffic, due to two blind corners; perhaps one-way designation, which would allow for emergency vehicle access
· the need for stop sign infill in the Blenheim, Dunbar, 16th and King Edward area
· note portions of the Greenway/Bikeway do not follow the high point through the city from 16th Avenue through West Point Grey, contrary to intent of plan
· money earmarked for the Ridgeway/Bikeway should be spent on purchase of abandoned rail beds
· speed humps, rather than traffic circles, are more effective at calming traffic, cost much less, and are less dangerous
· the Greenway/bikeway should be extended six block further west on 37th Avenue then north on Balaclava to Quesnel, which would include Balaclava and Valdez Parks as destinations, and also connect with the Ridgeway

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Clause No. 3 Continued

· the proposed Ridgeway Greenway/Bikeway is a powerful diagonal route through this section of the city
· a good bike route for children to ride as opposed to arterials, and recognizes a legitimate method of travel
· need for traffic calming north of 25th Avenue to make it safe for cyclists
· the area south of 25th Avenue requires monitoring
· in favour of proposed traffic calming on Quesnel Drive
· support for proposed interim measures contained in report
· vandalism and litter is not generally a problem along the city's bike routes
· support for traffic circles as opposed to stop signs, with note Vancouver citizens should be made of adoption process for circles through advertisements
· traffic bulges near schools are a positive feature that assist with traffic calming
· the need for a landscaped traffic island for the intersection of Quesnel Drive and 20th Avenue to reduce vehicle speed and accidents
· whatever is agreed to should be monitored and reviewed after a year

· diverters that have not worked in other areas of the City have been taken out, relocated or modified
· the traffic light proposed for King Edward and Quesnel would be pedestrian/cyclist activated, and not overly impact winter vehicular movements
· staff advised they would investigate infill stop signs in the area bounded by 16th, King Edward, Blenheim to Dunbar
· regarding the possibility of splitting the Bikeway and Greenway through portions of the route, staff noted the route was meant to capture the essence of the city, via views, and travel along the City's high point -- the Ridge
· staff was requested to consider possible route options involving 37th Avenue, for report back when this item is again before Council, in addition to additional traffic calming options offered for sub-area 4

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Clause No. 3 Continued

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NOTE FROM CLERK: This matter has now been scheduled for the

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4. Public Involvement Review File: 1011

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