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TO: Vancouver City Council

FROM: General Manager of Engineering Services in consultation with the Chief Constable

SUBJECT: Intersection Safety Cameras



The General Manager of Engineering Services prefers Recommendation A, believing that testing of intersection cameras advances an important safety tool. This does not conflict with ongoing negotiations on revenue-sharing, and full deployment would not occur without an agreement.


The report notes that action could be deferred until the Ministry of Attorney General commits to resolving the cost and revenue-sharing discussions before January 1, 1999. The City Manager believes Council may find this preferable and submits the choice of A or B for CONSIDERATION.


Council owns its streets and must authorize the installation of new infrastructure on City streets.


The purpose of this report is to seek Council approval to allow the Province of British Columbia to install Intersection Safety Cameras at locations within the City of Vancouver.

In recent years the Province of British Columbia has undertaken several initiatives to improve public safety on our roadways. Currently, the Province is introducing a trial of Intersection Safety Cameras in several Lower Mainland municipalities, which would include Vancouver. The City of Vancouver trial would include up to three locations for a period of 4 - 6 weeks. At this time, installation of a trial location is on hold pending Council direction.

Staff agree that the Intersection Safety Camera Program is worthwhile for use on City streets. A program such as this may help to address the problem of intersection accidents and safety. In the City of Vancouver roughly half of all accidents occur within intersections. The Intersection Safety Camera Program selected locations within the City of Vancouver based upon previous accident history and those which may realize the greatest benefit from improved safety.

Permanent installations of this technology could be deferred until the Ministry of the Attorney General commits to resolving the cost-sharing and revenue-sharing issue on a mutually acceptable basis by January 1, 1999.


The trial installations underway will be totally funded by the Province. The long-term cost implications for installation and ongoing maintenance, and the potential for revenue-sharing will need to be reviewed further in consultation with the Attorney General's Office before a permanent program is undertaken.

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