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Award of Contract No. 9813
Supply and Installation of Distribution Watermain




Construction contracts over $200,000 must be awarded by Council. Contracts are awarded on the basis of best value for fee.


This report recommends that the contract for the construction and related work of the following distribution watermain:

· 51st Avenue, Fraser to Ross Street;
· Ross Street, 51st to 53rd Avenue;
· 55th Avenue, Knight to Victoria;
· 54th Avenue, victoria to Nanaimo Street, and
·Nanaimo Street, 54th Avenue to Upland

be awarded to the low bidder meeting the contract requirements, Pedre Contractors Ltd.


The 1998 Waterworks Capital Budget and the unexpended 1997 Capital Budget provide $13.7 Million of funding for distribution watermain replacement. The watermains are near the end of their service lives and are undersized. Their replacement will ensure an adequate and continuous supply of water for both domestic consumption and fire protection.

Detailed designs and contract documents were prepared by Engineering Services staff for the replacement of the watermains listed above. The work will be administered under a lump sum/unit price construction services contract. Lump sums for each tender item and unit prices are used to calculate interim progress payments to the contractor.

Six contract bidders submitted complete tender packages, including bonding requirements. A summary of the bids received follows:

Contract Bid Price

E. B. Friesen Associates Ltd. $1,243,585.00
Pedre Contractors Ltd. $1,325,835.00
Ponte Bros. Contracting Ltd. $1,328,744.00
B. Cusano Contracting Inc. $1,498,205.00
Rissling Companies $1,534,407.00
Hyland Excavating $1,643.446.00

Although E.B. Friesen Associates Ltd. has the lowest bid, staff feel that the second lowest bidder Pedre Contractors Ltd. offers best value to the City.

Pedre Contractors Ltd. is qualified to supply and install watermain based on their satisfactory completion of similar work in the City. Therefore, staff recommend that Pedre Contractors Ltd. be awarded Contract No. 9813 for the supply and installation of watermain.


The low bid for Contract No. 9813 is within the Engineer's preliminary contract estimate of $1,497,900. The final cost of the contract will vary from the bid price because the estimated quantities of work for unit price items may be different than the actual quantities of work.
The total cost estimate for the work, which includes the contract price, contingency, overhead, and inspection costs, is $1,560,200. Funds for this project are available in account No. 17/36/1067/999, "Distribution Watermain Replacement".

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