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Date: August 26, 1998

Author/Local: Brian McGuinness

Acting Chief Constable

CC File No.: 1376

TO: Vancouver City Council

FROM: Brian McGuinness

Acting Chief Constable

SUBJECT:Creation of Director of Corporate Communications Position - Vancouver Police Department


THAT Council approve the creation of a full-time civilian exempt, Director of Corporate Communications position with the Vancouver Police Department,; source of funding to be the existing operating budget allocation.


Council has approved the establishment of ongoing permanent positions.


Following Vancouver Police Board (July 29, 1998) approval this report seeks Council approval for an increase in the Vancouver Police Department’s civilian strength by one position through the creation of a civilian exempt position titled Director of Corporate Communications.


The Vancouver Police Department seeks approval to recruit a senior communications professional to manage the department’s internal and external communications. The Communications Director would be responsible for:

·510·community outreach initiatives in support of community policing;·510

·510·a responsive public inquiry system;·510

·510·media relations and effective issue response;·510

·510·employee communications;·510

·510·communications training to support individual officers in community policing, public inquiries, media relations and other public information services and;·510

·510·Internet and other communication technologies·510

The Communications Director would report directly to the Chief Constable and would be part of the senior management team of the Vancouver Police Department. This reflects the Department’s commitment to further community involvement in crime prevention as well as the Chief’s commitment to improving employee communications.

Communication Goals

1. To develop comprehensive community outreach initiatives across the city to support community policing and greater community involvement in crime prevention.

2. To manage a responsive public inquiry system.

3.To maintain and enhance department media relations to provide public information in an effective, timely manner.

4.To develop and maintain an effective and responsive employee communications program.

5.To support communications training initiatives that will provide police officers with enhanced community relations skills as well as presentation and media relations skills.

6.To explore ways that the Department can use technology such as the Internet to communicate more effectively with the public and employees.

7. To respond to emerging community needs for information.

8. To respond to emerging employee needs for information.


The Director of Communications will be responsible for providing leadership and structure in the development and implementation of a cohesive corporate communications strategy. This individual will oversee the entire communications strategy of the department including both internal and external communications. The Director of Corporate Communications will report directly to the Chief Constable and salary will be commensurate with that of a senior business communications professional. If approval is granted for creation of this position it is our intent to fund it from current allocations.


This position will be funded from current allocations within the current operating budget.


It is concluded that, in order to give our communication issues the focus and commitment that they require it is necessary to have a full-time communications professional as a member of our staff.
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