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Council Policy is reflected in the City's Strata Title and Cooperative Conversion Guidelines, which outline factors which Council will consider in reviewing applications for converting previously-occupied buildings to strata title or cooperative ownership.


Council approval is required for an application to convert the previously-occupied building at 950 West 58th Avenue (Lot A, Block 16A, D.L. 526, Plan LMP30234) to strata title ownership.


The site is zoned CD-1 and is developed with a municipally-designated heritage building (known as the Parklane Private Hospital), built in 1912, which is listed as category "A" on the Vancouver Heritage Register. Parklane Hospital was in operation from 1939 to 1987. The building was subsequently used as a storage facility for the adjacent Oakherst Hospital, which has now been demolished.

The site location is shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Pursuant to Development Permit No. DE401826 and Building Permit No. BU407317, the three-storey heritage building is undergoing extensive renovations and alterations to provide for six dwelling units, in conjunction with the comprehensive redevelopment of this site to provide two multiple dwelling buildings containing 64 dwelling units and 16 townhouse clusters containing a total of 58 dwelling units.

Council approved the form of development and enacted the CD-1 By-law for the site in November, 1996, when heritage designation was also considered and conferred.

The applicant proposes to create a total of 128 residential strata lots. Pursuant to Section 9 of the Condominium Act, Council approval is required as it relates to the six strata lots proposed in the "previously-occupied" heritage building only.


In addition to Planning Department staff, the City Engineer and the City Building Inspector have reviewed this application. As the heritage building will contain only six dwelling units and was formerly in use as a private hospital (formerly) and a storage facility (latterly), the Manager of the Housing Centre has not been asked to comment.

The City Engineer has no dedication or servicing requirements for this site.

The City Building Inspector reports that when all proposed work to the building has been completed in accordance with approved plans and permits, and an Occupancy Permit has been issued, the previously-occupied building will substantially comply with all relevant City by-laws.


Based on the foregoing, and on the applicant's compliance with the City's Strata Title and Cooperative Conversion Guidelines, the Subdivision and Strata Title Coordinator supports this application.

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