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Strata Title Conversion - 2519-2525 West 3rd Avenue





Council Policy is reflected in the City's Strata Title and Cooperative Conversion Guidelines, which outline factors which Council will consider in reviewing applications for converting previously-occupied buildings to strata title or cooperative ownership.


Council approval is required for an application to convert the previously-occupied building at 2519-2525 West 3rd Avenue (Lot 13, Block 220A, D.L. 526, Plan 1058) to strata title ownership.


The site is zoned RT-8 and is developed with a two-storey multiple conversion dwelling containing three dwelling units. The original two-family dwelling was raised, altered, added to and converted to a three-unit multiple conversion dwelling in 1987, following issuance of all required permits.

Two of the units are owner-occupied and the tenants in the third unit have indicated their support in writing for this conversion application.

The owners propose to create three strata lots and have indicated that they do not intend to market any of them at this time.

The location of the site is shown below.


In addition to Planning Department staff, the City Engineer and the City Building Inspector have reviewed this application. As the building contains only three dwelling units, the Manager of the Housing Centre has not been asked for comment.

The City Engineer has no servicing or dedication requirements for this site.

The City Building Inspector reports that building and electrical upgrading will be required to bring this building into substantial compliance with all relevant City by-laws. A Development and Building Permit and related trades permits will be required, and an Occupancy Permit must be issued.


Based on the foregoing, and on the applicant's compliance with the City's Strata Title and Cooperative Guidelines, the Subdivision and Strata Title Coordinator supports this application.

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