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Date: November 18, 1997

File No. 3496WELL

CC File No. 2609

TO: Vancouver City Council

FROM:The City Building Inspector

SUBJECT:Extension of Building Permit No. BU402436 - 3496 Wellington Avenue


THAT City Council approve an extension of Building Permit No. BU402436 until May 1, 1998, subject to the site being maintained in a tidy condition.


The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


Article of the Building By-law prohibits the City Building Inspector from granting more than one extension to a Building Permit. Any further extensions can only be approved by City Council.


The above permit is for the construction of a new three-storey multiple dwelling containing seven dwelling units with one level of underground parking.

This permit was previously extended and expires on December 3, 1997.

There has been no change to the zoning for the property (RM-4N). Related Development Permit No. DE217652 has been extended until May 1, 1998. The Planning Department has no objection to the extension.

A recent inspection indicated that this vacant site was untidy and overgrown in contravention of the Untidy Premises By-law. It has now been cleaned up to my satisfaction. I recommend that if an extension is approved, it should be subject to the site being maintained in a tidy condition.

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