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Date: November 5, 1997

Author/Local: CHubbard/7469

CC File No. 3104

TO:Vancouver City Council

FROM:Chair, Development Permit Board

SUBJECT:Development Permit Board Advisory Panel


A.THAT Council appoint a young person to the Development Permit Board Advisory Panel, as an additional "general public" representative.

B.AND FURTHER THAT the Director of Legal Services be instructed to bring forward an amendment to the Development Permit Board and Advisory Panel By-law No. 5869 to enable this additional position.


The City Manager RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


The By-law creating the Development Permit Board and Advisory Panel provides that:

The Advisory Panel shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the City Council. Of the seven members, two shall be representatives of the development industry, two shall be representatives of the design professions, and three shall be representatives of the general public. The memberships of all appointees shall terminate on the expiration of their appointed term, or at the time their successors are appointed, whichever is the later, and all appointees shall be eligible for reappointment. No person who is a member of the City Council or an employee of the City shall be appointed to the Advisory Panel.


The purpose of this report is to recommend Council’s approval of the appointment of an additional representative of the general public to the Advisory Panel, who shall also represent young people in the community.


At its meeting on October 6, 1997, the Development Permit Board and Advisory Panel discussed the Civic Youth Strategy Progress Report. This report, endorsed by Council on October 28, 1997, recommended that Council continue to encourage meaningful participation of youth in the Civic Youth Strategy through partnerships with youth groups, civic departments and other community partners, and to promote awareness of the Civic Youth Strategy and its principles among the full diversity of youth in the city, civic departments and boards, youth service providers, media and the business community.

Members of the Development Permit Board and Advisory Panel agreed that a young person could make a valuable contribution to the development permit approval process.

Present make-up of the Advisory Panel is as follows:

Term Expiry

Representatives of the Design Professions:

Nigel Baldwin (Chair, Urban Design Panel) 97 12 31

Allan Waisman 98 09 30

Representatives of the Development Industry:

Peter Kavanagh 99 09 30

Allan Gjernes 98 05 28

Representatives of the General Public:

Shannon Kellington-Catliff 98 09 30

Judy Oberlander 99 09 30

Beatrice Parton 98 09 30

It is recommended that the initial term of the new appointee coincide with that of Judy Oberlander and Peter Kavanagh, expiring September 30, 1999.

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