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PERMITS & LICENSES November 7, 1997

MEMO TO: Standing Committee on Planning and Environment

FROM: Acting City Building Inspector

SUBJECT: Addendum to Administrative Report dated October 15, 1997

Re: 3412 East 45th Avenue

Since the writing of the report to Council, the District Building Inspector has reinspected the building at the above location at the request of the property owner, Mr. Patel. The purpose of the inspection was to identify the work that had been carried out for which a permit was required. The inspector confirmed that the enclosure of the rear sundeck and installation of a hot tub requires permits and approval pursuant to the Zoning and Development, Building, Plumbing and Electrical By-laws.

The inspection further revealed that the building contains an unauthorized dwelling unit in the basement.

To date, no application for permit has been submitted for the rear addition or the additional dwelling unit. Consequently, the owner has now been ordered to remove the rear deck enclosure and unapproved alterations.

The owner will also be advised that because his building is located in an RS-1 District, the installation of a secondary suite is not permitted. He will therefore be given the option of applying for either a phase-out suite (if the suite has existed prior to October 1, 1986) or family suite or removing the unauthorized living quarters.

"(signed) D.H. Jackson"

A/City Building Inspector

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