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NOVEMBER 13, 1997


Date: October 21, 1997

File: B-200, 750 Pacific Blvd.

CC File: 2613-7

TO: Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission

FROM: Chief License Inspector

SUBJECT: B-200, 750 Pacific Boulevard, Club Plaza Enterprises Ltd.

Restaurant - Class 2 Liquor License


THAT the Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission endorse the request by Club Plaza Enterprises Ltd., for a Restaurant-Class 2 liquor license at Club Nations, B-200, 750 Pacific Boulevard, having considered the opinion of the area residents and business operators as determined through the neighbourhood notification process.


The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


Council Policy requires that new liquor license applications and amendments to existing licenses be subject to a referendum prior to receiving final consideration if the premises are located in close proximity to residential accommodation.


Club Plaza Enterprises Ltd., is requesting a City Council resolution endorsing a Restaurant-Class 2 at Club Nations, B-200, 750 Pacific Boulevard.


Club Plaza Enterprises Ltd., is the owner and operator of Club Nations, a restaurant located on the second floor of Building B, Plaza of Nations. The premises previously operated as the B.C. Club during Expo 86, and the liquor license designation was changed to a Class B Dining Lounge (Restaurant-Class 1) when the Provincial Government terminated the Class G Expo license program.

The applicant caters to banquets, weddings and special events, and from time-to-time would like to provide amplified music for dancing, entertainment by more than two entertainers and Karaoke.

The licensed areas consist of one large room and several smaller banquet rooms and an outdoor patio, and the layout is such that several independent private events could take place at the same time. The total area is approximately 15,000 sq.ft., with 906 seats in the dining area and 322 on the patio.

The current hours of operation are 12:00 noon to 2:00 a.m. Monday to Saturday and 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight on Sunday. With endorsement of a Restaurant-Class 2, liquor sales would end at 12:00 midnight seven days a week.

The subject premises are located in the BCPED zoning district. G.M. Place, B.C. Place complex and Expo Lands are within close proximity. The surrounding area is a mixture of retail, offices and residential apartments, although there are no residential buildings within the 1000-foot notification area.


The Police Department has no objection.

The Planning Department has reviewed this application and notes "that this site is located in a Comprehensive Development District, 750 Pacific Boulevard, Plaza of Nations CD-1 By-law Number 7592).

This CD-1 By-law was enacted by City Council on July 9, 1996 and is considered a 'temporary' rezoning that was enacted specifically to permit a Family Sports and Entertainment Centre to be located in an area of the existing plaza complex (DE217775).

An 'overall' rezoning of the Plaza of Nations site was approved 'in principle' by City Council in May of 1995. However, enactment has been delayed, pending resolution of outstanding conditions.

In the meantime, the present CD-1 By-law permits only the Family Sports and Entertainment Centre as a 'permanent' use and all other uses are considered 'interim' uses only.

Development Permit Application Number DE400186 is currently pending in anticipation of the 'overall' rezoning being enacted. This Development Permit, when issued, will include approval of all of the existing occupancies in the Plaza of Nations that fit into the uses considered appropriate for this site, but which have never received formal approval.

The area indicated in this liquor application fits into this category of never having received formal approval. 'Restaurant-Class 2' is a use that is included in the list of approvable uses in the 'overall' rezoning. However, until this rezoning is enacted and DE400186 is issued, any formal approval of this use would require a separate Development Permit Application, and should approval be granted, it would be considered an 'interim' use only, in accordance with the present zoning of the site."

The Environmental Health Division of the Health Board has no objections.

The Social Planning Department and Housing Centre have no comments.


This application is supported by the Chief License Inspector as no additional impacts are anticipated as a result of these facilities being licensed under a Restaurant-Class 2. The amplified music, dancing and Karaoke are in conjunction with private functions and additional noise impacts will be offset by the 12:00 midnight closing time.

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