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FROM: City Clerk's Office DATE: October 31, 1997

FILE: 4661

TO: Vancouver City Council

SUBJECT: Housing Agreement - 41st and Balaclava

At its meeting on October 28, 1997, Council considered an Administrative Report dated October 10, 1997, in which the Director of Planning and the Manager of the Housing Centre, in consultation with the Director of Legal Services recommended amendments to the conditions of enactment for the rezoning of 3062-3188 West 41st Avenue.

At that meeting Council deferred consideration of the matter to the November 4, 1997 Regular Council meeting pending presentation of additional information requested from staff.

The attached memorandum from the Manager of the Housing Centre, refers.



HOUSING CENTRE November 03, 1997

File : G169

MEMO TO: Mayor and Council

COPY TO: Ken Dobell, City Manager

Maria Kinsella, City Clerk

Ted Droettboom, General Manager of Community Services

Francie Connell, Director of Legal Services

Jacquie Forbes-Roberts, Director of Community Planning

Graham Johnsen, Legal Services

Tom Phipps, Land Use & Development

FROM: Cameron Gray, Manager

SUBJECT: Housing Agreement - 41st & Balaclava

At last Council, A6 was deferred to the Nov. 4 meeting. There was concern that the proposed change to the condition of enactment to ensure the project at 41st and Balaclave served seniors was too significant a change, and in particular that eliminating the 2 person limit on household size could result in parking problems and erosion of the seniors housing commitment.

We have discussed the issue with Polygon, and they are prepared to limit the household size to 2 occupants per the original condition of enactment for the zoning at 3062-3188 West 41st Ave. Consequently, the Housing Agreement will be redrafted to eliminate the option of households larger than 2 persons, and it will be available for the November 4 Council meeting.

If at some point in time residents of the project would like the 2 person limit on the maximum household size increased or eliminated to accommodate care-givers, then the parking situation in the building can be reviewed and the Housing Agreement amended if that is considered appropriate. Accordingly recommendation A in the Administrative Report presented last week is amended to read:

"THAT Council amend condition of enactment c(iii) for the rezoning of 3062-3188 west 41st Avenue to restrict occupancy of the units to households with no more than 2 members and where at least one member is 55 years of age or older (instead of the current restriction that the units may only be sold to households with at least one member aged 55 or over)."

If you have any questions, please call me at 7207.

Cameron Gray

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