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Date: October 31, 1997

Author/Local: S.L.Reed/7204

CC File No. 4207


Vancouver City Council


General Manager of Engineering Services


APEC Legacy Project: Stewardship Connections


A. THAT Council support in principle Phase I: Stewardship Connections Website as a tri-party APEC legacy project.

B.THAT $15,000 of funding for this project be allocated from the $150,000 provincial partnership funds provided to the City for serving as the host City for the APEC event.

C.THAT Council support in principle Phase II: Environmental Stewardship Project of a tri-party APEC legacy project, and ask staff to continue to work with the Federal and Provincial government staff to finalize an agreement.

D.THAT a legacy fund contribution of $35,000 by the City be made based upon there being matching funds from the Federal and Provincial governments.


There is no applicable Council policy for this issue.


This report recommends that City Council support the APEC legacy project called "Stewardship Connections" with $15,000. This amount would be ceded from the $150,000 of provincial and federal joint fundraising campaign funds provided to the City for its partnership role in hosting the APEC event. It is also recommended that staff further negotiate a Phase II tri-party legacy project, with a City contribution of $35,000.


Keep Greater Vancouver Spectacular (KGVS) 1996 was a community-based clean up event undertaken in partnership with Tourism Vancouver and was held from April 1 to May 10, 1996. The purpose of the event was to acknowledge the ongoing efforts of the City and residents in keeping Vancouver spectacular while promoting an increased community stewardship for all public spaces in the City.

On July 22, 1997, Vancouver City Council officially supported the KGVS’97 clean-up event, which was to precede and culminate with the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) this fall. Although, this year’s labour disruption affected our ability to conduct the 1997 event, we plan to continue the annual clean-up this spring.

In discussions with provincial and federal representatives regarding KGVS and APEC preparations, staff found that many other programs exist at other levels of government that also foster community-based environmental stewardship.

The APEC’97 Canadian Coordinate Office (ACCO) was interested in funding a joint legacy project that would meet the following objectives:

*To use the opportunity of hosting the APEC'97 Economic Leaders Meeting (Vancouver Nov. 17-26) to enhance communication and understanding between levels of government with respect to community environmental stewardship initiatives;

*To develop the concept of Vancouver as a Model City where different levels of government interact positively to promote community environmental stewardship;

*To foster an ongoing dialogue and network among the community organizations, municipal, provincial and federal governments around environmental policies: their creation, implementation and impacts;

*To demonstrate to our APEC visitors positive government interaction; leadership; connections to "clean cities" case studies and community empowerment to support future sustainable development;

*To use this model to positively affect the tourism industry; and

*To share information about best-practices and gain industry support.

ACCO and City staff have discussed the opportunity of funding a legacy project meeting the above objectives: the first phase of the project partnership would be a "Stewardship Connections" website and the second phase would be an ongoing environmental stewardship project.


1. Phase I - Stewardship Connections Website Partnership

The development of the model will be coordinated by the APEC’97 Canadian Coordinate Office (ACCO). Initially the project will consist of an electronic linkage in the form of website component developed as part of the APEC’97 Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM) website and then be transferred to the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. Oceans Blue Foundation (OBF) website will be the vehicle for long term communication.

Oceans Blue Foundation is a non-profit organization working to develop and implement environmentally responsible tourism best-practices in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and Province of British Columbia. The City has supported the Oceans Blue Foundation in the past with various operating and project grants. ACCO also supports OBF and would welcome an opportunity to develop a partnership arrangement with them.

The website will be a resource for policy planners and groups affected by policies and initiatives. It will be a starting point for dialogue and understanding between levels of government who create the legislation that must then be implemented by other levels.

The website will contain information on the environmental stewardship projects sponsored by each level of government.

The partnerships will be expanded to include the GVRD; Tourism Vancouver; as well as additional interest groups which have supported community stewardship demonstration projects in the Greater Vancouver region.

The environmental stewardship component of the APEC’97 website WWW:\\ will include a compilation and description of all the Environmental Stewardship Initiatives undertaken by:

(1) the Federal Government: Departments of Environment; Fisheries and Oceans; and Industry

(2) the Provincial Government: Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks

(3) the City of Vancouver, GVRD, Tourism Vancouver

(4) other environmental foundations and granting bodies

The project design would be based on what is already available at the partners websites and enhanced by supplying a service not already provided. Such features as a discussion platform, project contact information, and as much review and debriefing information as possible on the successes or impacts of the completed projects.

ACCO is in the process of setting up an APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (AELM) Website which will include an Environmental Stewardship Component describing the Environmental Affairs program associated with the leaders meeting. It is proposed that we use this site to do the initial collaboration and hotlinks.

This approach will ensure minimal cost which can be absorbed by the ACCO Environmental Affairs Section. The outstanding cost of creating the website would be $30,000.

It is proposed that at the end of November the information can be transferred to the City of Vancouver and the Oceans Blue Foundation (OBF). The site would be maintained by OBF on behalf of the City of Vancouver.

2. Phase II - Environmental Stewardship Project

Building on the strengths of the information and discussion platform of the website, Phase II would be an ongoing environmental stewardship legacy, in partnership with the Provincial and Federal governments..

The objective of Phase II would be to foster contacts and understanding among levels of government and community leaders in the pursuit of sharing environmental best-practices. The form and details of the project have not yet been established. Staff will report back to Council following further discussions with the other two levels of government after the APEC meeting.

It is suggested that the City agree to support a legacy fund and contribute $35,000, provided it is matched by both senior government levels.


The $30,000 development budget for Phase I: The Website Partnership would be provided by:

1)APEC’97 Canadian Coordinating Office - Environmental Stewardship Program - $15,000

2) City of Vancouver (ceded from the $150,000 provincial partnership funds provided to the City for serving as the host City for the APEC event) - $15,000

The $35,000 needed for Phase II could also be ceded from the $150,000 Provincial partnership funds. Further negotiations with the other two levels of government will be necessary to secure matching funds for a tri-party partnership.


If Council supports the legacy project, a tri-party letter of intent supporting the principles would be signed by a Federal Minister, a Minister from the Province and the Mayor.

This agreement would be drafted by ACCO, in consultation with Provincial and City staff, and be executed when agreement is reached.


During discussions about the City's Keep Greater Vancouver Spectacular program and its proposed culmination prior to the upcoming APEC conference, the APEC’97 Canadian Coordinate Office (ACCO) expressed interest in funding a joint environmental stewardship legacy project.

The first phase of the project partnership would be a "Stewardship Connections" website. The $30,000 cost of the website would be shared by ACCO and the City (using money ceded from the $150,000 provincial partnership funds provided to the City for serving as the host City for the APEC event).

The second phase would be an ongoing environmental stewardship legacy project, provided staff can reach agreement with senior government representatives. Phase II would build on the website's momentum to create community and governmental partnerships in environmental projects.

The $35,000 needed for Phase II could also be ceded from the $150,000 partnership funds. Further negotiations with the other two levels of government will be necessary to secure matching funds for the Phase II tri-party partnership.

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