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FROM: City Clerk's Office DATE: October 28, 1997

FILE: 8025

TO: Vancouver City Council

SUBJECT: Vancouver International Airport Authority

1997 Status Report

Ms. Jane Fleming, City Council's appointee to the Vancouver International Airport Authority Board of Directors, will present her annual report. The attached letter dated October 20, 1997, refers.

For Council's information, the Airport Authority will be presenting its draft Noise Management Plan to the Standing Committee on Planning and Environment at a subsequent meeting.




Vancouver International Airport Authority

P.O. Box 23750

Airport Postal Outlet

Richmond, B.C.

V7B 1Y7

October 20, 1997

Mayor Philip Owen and Members of Council

City of Vancouver

453 West 12th Avenue

Vancouver, B.C.

V5Y 1V4

Mayor and Councillors:

Re: Vancouver International Airport Authority 1997 Status Report

1997 has been yet another busy year for the Authority not the least of which has been the opening of the new North Runway. With the first anniversary of this event now approaching we have experienced a new set of challenges. Many other changes have also occurred since I last had the opportunity to report to you and I have outlined some of our achievements and challenges below.

Environment/Noise Management

a) Noise

November 4 is the first anniversary of the opening of the new runway and with it an increased interest and focus on certain aspects of our operations. The new runway has resulted in a redistribution of aircraft noise with some parts of the Lower Mainland experiencing less noise while for other areas, including the south slopes in Vancouver, quite the reverse is true. A number of issues and concerns are evident and the Authority, along with the Noise Management Committee, initiated a review and update of the airport's Noise Management Plan. A draft of this plan is being prepared and it is my understanding will be presented to you in the near future.

Vancouver residents have raised a number of concerns including: engine run-ups, use of reverse thrust, the need for visual barriers and berms and extent and nature of operations on the north runway - the updated plan will include a number of options for future study and identify specific tasks and timeliness. In the interim we are working with members of thecommunity and are attempting to find positive solutions. The issue of reverse thrust has received much attention and we are working with the senior management of the airlines and the chief pilots in an attempt to ensure its minimum use consistent with safe operations. In addition, we have conducted three separate rounds of monitoring its use and forwarded the results of this to the airlines. Ultimately, however, the decision on the use of reverse thrust is the responsibility of the pilot.

The Authority is already experiencing congestion during certain times of the day. While the new runway is designated "primarily" for landings, Transport Canada has indicated it can be used for take-offs when traffic demand approaches capacity limits - such as at peak times. We are presently collecting data on the length and number of delays and will conduct a runway demand analysis; however, we anticipate that we may have to use the north runway for take-offs during peak periods as early as next year.

b) Environment

A new Environmental Advisory Committee has been established and met for the first time in October. This committee continues the work of the Environmental Monitoring and Implementation Committee which reviewed compliance with the 22 environmental commitments as they relate to construction of the new runway. The new committee has a broader mandate including monitoring and providing advice on the design and implementation of the Authority's environmental management plan. The City of Vancouver is represented on this Committee.

Future Development: International Terminal and Hotel

As growth at the Airport has exceeded all forecasts (we are predicting about 6% this year to 15 million passengers), expansion of the International Terminal is required. Included is a 7-gate expansion on the transborder side of the Chevron along with an extension to the check-in concourse. The cost of this expansion is approximately $11.2 million and work will be completed in the Summer of 2000.

In addition, on September 23 the Authority and CP Hotels jointly announced the construction of a new hotel at the International Terminal. CP will invest $65 million in a luxury facility which will include 400 rooms, meeting and functions rooms, spa and a business centre. The hope will open January 1, 2000 and is expected to create 250 new jobs.

Domestic Terminal Upgrade

With the opening of the new International Terminal, the use of the DAB or Domestic Terminal has changed significantly. Work has begun on the upgrade with phase one scheduled for completion in late 1998 at a cost of $38 million. Phase one upgrades focus onrenovating vacated areas, refurbishing outdated areas and replacing worn out equipment. In addition, the two terminals will be integrated to create a single coherent entity. Included area:

-improvements to the baggage handling system on Level 2 and renovation of the old US Preclearance area to include new public washrooms, airline customer service counters and offices;

-upgrading the Level 3 retail street and passenger screening area;

-renovations to C-Pier;

-mechanical and electrical upgrades.

As areas are renovated they will be brought into compliance with current seismic and fire codes. In some areas, existing electrical and mechanical systems date back to the original construction in the 1960's.

Future phases will include the reconstruction of the main facade and concourse, the completion of the upgrading of the piers, and the redevelopment of Levels 1 and 4. When completed, the total cost for all phases will be approximately $100 million.

Transportation Initiatives

Last year, several members of Council requested more detailed information on transportation issues - I have attempted to provide an update.

a) Sea Island Connector - Moray Channel Bridge

The link between the airport and Highway 99 and the US interstate road network is critical to YVR's development as an air transportation gateway to North America. The link is especially important for industry's ability to use YVR as an international hub to serve North American cargo markets. The Authority is discussing cost sharing arrangements with the Province and Richmond for a new bridge over the Moray Channel and associated roadwork on the Sea Island and Richmond sides of the bridge. We have narrowed the gap and the discussions with the Province are now focused on securing the last bit of needed funding.

b) Rapid Bus

The Authority is actively supporting plans for "Rapid Bus" service between Downtown Vancouver and Downtown Richmond. We believe that service down Granville and over the Arthur Laing Bridge is the best route. We are working closely with B.C. Transit, Richmondand Vancouver officials to ensure the success of this new service, and we are encouraged by the progress to date. Plans include a bus loop on airport land at the south end of the Arthur Laing Bridge; the Authority has agreed it will provide a shuttle from the loop to the terminals for employees and travellers. In addition to the Vancouver-Richmond Rapid Bus Service, buses from Surrey, Delta and White Rock will also use this loop and cross the Bridge to Granville. This will benefit airport employees and travellers who live in these communities. traffic congestion in Marpole continues to be a concern and discussions with the City are ongoing.

c) Airport Access

A key objective of the Authority is to ensure that transportation access between the airport and Downtown Vancouver does not deteriorate over time. Access to the airport is important for the City's tourism and convention facilities, for cargo connections between the Port and the Airport, and for Vancouver industries that need air access to world markets.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to report to you and would be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Yours truly,

(sgd) Jane Fleming


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