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Date: October 14, 1997

Dept. File No. MH

CC File No. 8206

TO: Standing Committee on Planning and Environment

FROM: Director of Central Area Planning in consultation with

Manager of Real Estate Services

SUBJECT: Selection of Consultant - Southeast False Creek

Sustainable Development Study


THAT Sheltair Scientific Ltd. be contracted to undertake the Southeast False Creek Sustainable Development Study at a maximum budget of $79,850 plus applicable GST; the source of funding to be the Property Endowment Fund.


The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


On February 21, 1989, Council approved a policy that requires that the selection of consultants for projects of $30,000 or more in value, be approved by Council.

On July 24, 1997, Council approved that funding for a consultancy on environmental sustainability for Southeast False Creek be approved according to the terms of reference as presented at that time and used for this proposal call, and that the required funds come from the Property Endowment Fund.


This report recommends a consultant for the Southeast False Creek Sustainable Development Study.


ON July 24, 1997, Council approved the terms of reference for the Southeast False Creek Sustainable Development Study to provide: A clear definition of sustainability for Southeast False Creek; a list and definition of the parameters of sustainable development for this urban setting; a set of achievable performance targets for those parameters; a descriptive list of precedents where similar performance standards were met; and, a framework and methodology for full-cost accounting for the Southeast False Creek development.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference, the Director of Central Area Planning will be responsible for the administration of the study with input from the Manager of Real Estate Services on the full cost accounting section.


A ‘Request for Proposals’ for the Southeast False Creek Sustainable Development study was distributed to a large group of interested individuals and professionals through a mailing list and referrals.

The proposal process was divided into two stages. The first requested a team profile and general philosophy by August 18, 1997. Ten proposals were submitted which were evaluated by staff with respect to each team’s experience and general knowledge. Five teams were short listed.

In the second stage, the five remaining teams were asked to describe their methodology, to list challenges and strategies, and to provide a budget. Three submissions were received by the deadline of September 19, 1997.

Two of the teams were interviewed and evaluated by staff from Planning, Real Estate Services, Engineering, and Environmental Health. It was staff’s unanimous conclusion that the following firm’s proposal best satisfied the terms of reference approved by Council:

Name: Sheltair Scientific Ltd.

Principal: Sebastian Moffat

Subconsultants: See attached Appendix A.

Cost:Council approved up to $80,000 for this consultancy. The consultant's fee is $79,850 before GST. The City is required to pay 7% GST on this fee. However, the City can claim a 4% GST rebate resulting in a net fee for the consultant of $82,246. This amount is marginally greater than the amount originally approved by Council.

The Manager of Real Estate Services recommends that the additional budget to cover GST be paid from the Property Endowment Fund, that Council approve the additional budget to cover the GST and that the consultancy be offered to Sheltair Scientific Ltd.


Amongst all of the applicant teams, Sheltair Scientific has a better understanding of the study’s methodology, has a superior combination of relevant skills and experience, provides a better information base and a wider range of expertise, and proposes a public process which was consistent with the study’s terms of reference. The team is composed of individuals prominent in Vancouver and elsewhere in the fields of sustainable development, urban development, sustainability research, architectural engineering, and computer modelling.

* * * * *


Subconsultants on team led by Sheltair Scientific Ltd.

Sustainability Ventures Group Inc. - David Van Seters

Spaxman Consulting Group Ltd. - Ray Spaxman

Location Planners Inc. - Lothar Wiwjorra

Gartner Lee Ltd. - David Osmond

Trust for Sustainable Development Inc. - David Butterfield

Dr. Mark Roseland, SFU

Dr. Penny Gurstein, UBC

Freda Pagani, UBC

* * * * *

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