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October 9, 1997

A regular meeting of the Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission was held on Thursday, October 9, 1997, at 4:10 p.m. in Committee Room No. 1, third floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: Councillor Lynne Kennedy, Chair

Councillor Don Bellamy

Councillor Alan Herbert

Councillor Daniel Lee

ALSO PRESENT: Inspector Dave Jones, i/c District 1, Police Department

Paul Teichroeb, Chief License Inspector


OFFICE: Judy Rogers, Deputy City Manager

CLERK: Rae T. Wylson


The minutes of the Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission regular meeting held July 24, 1997, were adopted as circulated.


1. 757 West Hastings Street - R.J. Clarke Resources Inc.

Restaurant - Class 2 File: 2613-6

The Commission had before it an Administrative report dated September 19, 1997, in which the Chief License Inspector advised of a request by R.J. Clarke Resources Inc. for a Council resolution endorsing an application for a 315-seat Restaurant - Class 2 at 757 West Hastings Street (on file).


Clause No. 1 (cont'd)

Paul Teichroeb, Chief License Inspector, advised staff have no objections to the application. The applicant has planned a fine dining establishment and a retail tobacco store at this location, both uses are suited to the site. Staff recommend endorsement of the application without a referendum as there is little residential accommodation within the survey area and noise impacts are not anticipated to be an issue.

In response to questions of the Commission, the applicant, R.J. Clarke, provided details of his business background. Mr. Clarke currently operates several retail outlets in the City. This restaurant, Mr. Clarke's first, will comply with the City's smoking by-law. However, patrons of the adjoining retail tobacco and cigar outlet will be able to test the merchandise within its confines. A special air processing system will be installed to minimize any impacts. There are two direct entrances to the restaurant via Cordova and Howe Streets, as such it will not be necessary for patrons to enter via Sinclair Centre.

The following motion by Councillor Bellamy was put and carried. Therefore, the Commission


THAT the Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission endorse the request by R.J. Clarke Resources Inc. for a 315-seat (which includes a 20-seat banquet room) Restaurant - Class 2 at 757 West Hastings Street, having considered the support of residents and business operators of the community as determined by neighbourhood notification.


2. Licensed Premises Located Near Residential Areas File: 2611

The Commission agreed to defer consideration of this item pending the arrival of the Deputy City Manager.


3. Other Business

(a) Introduction of Problem Premise Coordinator File: 1365

Paul Teichroeb, Chief License Inspector, introduced Guy Gusdal, the City's newly- appointed Problem Premise Coordinator. Commission members welcomed Mr. Gusdal to his position.

(b) Theatre Row License Applications File: 2611/8108

The Commission requested an update from staff on the status of Theatre Row license applications.

Paul Teichroeb, Chief License Inspector, advised 14 applications were received by the submission deadline in mid-August. Of the 14, several are not valid as they either do not identify a specific address or were applications for different uses at the same address. Regarding the latter applications, staff have met with the applicants to clarify the license being applied for. Given these factors, the number of valid applications remaining is less than 10. Staff will screen the applications prior to submitting them for Council's consideration in early November, 1997.

Mr. Teichroeb noted none of the applications meet Council's criteria to relocate existing seats from residential areas. Applicants find it difficult to commit to purchasing an existing cabaret when approval of the license by the City and Province is not ensured. In light of this, Council may wish to approve some of the applications as presently submitted and make this criteria a requirement of future applications.

In the ensuing discussion Commission members noted the importance of staff's conducting a thorough background check to ensure the integrity of individuals and organizations applying for liquor licenses in the City. Mr. Teichroeb advised all applications submitted thus far are from individuals known in the industry and/or to Council.

In addition to consideration of the applications, Mr. Teichroeb noted the report to Council will address several policy issues. Issues concerning temporary development permits, fees and the allocation of seats, among other items, remain to be addressed by Council.


Clause No. 3 (cont'd)

(c) Level Five Night Club - Shooting File: 3701

The Commission requested an update from Police with respect to a recent shooting at Vancouver's Level Five Night Club.

Inspector Dave Jones advised Police have met with the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch Inspector and owners of Club to discuss issues of safety and management. The owners have agreed to a seven-day suspension of the Club's license as a result of unrelated prior infractions. With regard to safety, a further meeting will be held later this month to discuss the possibility of the Club's subscribing to BarWatch.


Licensed Premises Located Near Residential Areas

(Clause No. 2 (cont'd)

At its meeting on July 31, 1997, Council, when considering the July 24, 1997 report of the Vancouver Liquor Licensing Commission, resolved:

"THAT the City Manager provide a report back on possible solutions to deal with licensed premises located adjacent to residential areas, addressing such issues as:

- enforcement;

- amplified music, live and canned;

-restaurants operating like pubs where the emphasis is more on liquor than food;

-parking and traffic management, and their impacts on the adjacent residential area;


- criminal activities;

- increase in graffiti, damage to personal property;

-impacts of outdoor patios;

-impact of people departing the establishments late in the evening;

- inappropriate public behavior."


Clause No. 2 (cont'd)

Having arrived, the Deputy City Manager advised due to complications arising from the City's six-week labour dispute a full staff report has not been completed. Staff are reviewing Council's concerns and are compiling possible solutions. A full report will be presented when the Theatre Row applications are considered by Council.

The following motion by Councillor Bellamy was put and carried. Therefore, the Commission


THAT the verbal report from the Deputy City Manager providing the status of a report to Council concerning licensed premises located near residential areas be received for information.


The Commission adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

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