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MEMO TO: Vancouver City Council DATE: October 14, 1997

FROM: Mayor Philip Owen



Based on certified population figures from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, Vancouver's voting strength on the GVRD Board has been increased from 24 to 26 votes. This would result in one of Council's representatives holding six votes. The Municipal Act does not permit a Director to hold more than five votes. Because of this, Council is required to appoint a sixth Director and may appoint a corresponding alternate Director.


A.THAT Council appoint Councillor Clarke as its sixth Director on the GVRD Board.

B.THAT Councillor Bellamy be appointed as the Mayor's alternate to replace Councillor Clarke.

C.THAT Vancouver's votes be allocated as follows:

Directors Alternates

Mayor Philip Owen 5 votes Councillor Don Bellamy

Councillor Nancy A. Chiavario 4 votes Councillor Daniel Lee

Councillor Jennifer Clarke 4 votes Councillor Don Bellamy

Councillor Lynne Kennedy 4 votes Councillor Don Lee

Councillor Gordon Price 4 votes Councillor Alan Herbert

Councillor George Puil 5 votes Councillor Don Lee.

Attached for information is a table showing the population of each municipality and electoral area within the GVRD, the number of Directors for each area and the voting strength. Votes are allocated on the basis of one vote per 20,000 population.

Philip W. Owen


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