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Date: October 10 1997

Dept. File No. MD’A

C.C. File: PH351

TO: Vancouver City Council

FROM: Director of Community Planning

SUBJECT: Heritage Designation of 1101 Nicola Street (Queen Charlotte Apartments)


A.THAT the building at 1101 Nicola Street, listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register in the ‘B’ evaluation category, be designated as a protected heritage property; and

B. THAT the Director of Legal Services bring forward for enactment an amendment to the Heritage By-law.


The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of A and B.


Council’s policy on heritage designation states in part that the City’s long term goal is to protect as many resources on the Heritage Register as possible.


This report recommends that Council amend Schedule A of the Heritage By-law to designate 1101 Nicola Street (Queen Charlotte Apartments) as a protected heritage property. The building is strata-titled and the owners of all 25 units have agreed to the heritage designation of 1101 Nicola Street on a voluntary basis.


Heritage Value

Completed in 1927-28 by Dominion Construction, the Queen Charlotte is a very good example of the Spanish Colonial\Mission Revival style (See site plan below). Large Mission style gables, projecting eaves with roof tiles, and original wood windows with divided lights in the upper sash contribute to the building’s heritage value. The building is symmetrical in its massing, has an elaborate two-storey arched main entry, and is a well-known landmark in the West End. There are also several notable original interior features including a Turnbull elevator from when the building was constructed, art deco detailing in the lobby, stair banisters and metal light fittings, original wood floors in public areas and original wood doors to each suite. The building is listed in the ‘B’ evaluation category on the Vancouver Heritage Register.

(site plan)

Compatibility of Conservation with Lawful Uses of the Property and Adjoining Land

The Queen Charlotte is located in the RM-5 zoning district in the West End. The intent of the RM-5 District Schedule is " permit a variety of residential developments.....Emphasis is placed on achieving development which is compatible with neighbouring development with respect to streetscape character, open spaces, view retention, sunlight access and privacy." The heritage building contributes meaningfully to the streetscape and retains an existing and valuable form of residential use.

Compatibility With Community Planning Objectives

Retention and designation of 1101 Nicola Street is consistent with neighbourhood planning objectives and the City’s long-term goal to protect as many listed resources on the Heritage Register as possible.

Condition and Economic Viability

The Queen Charlotte is in excellent condition as the owners have completed an extensive restoration program on the building. Rehabilitation of the interior was completed in 1992 and exterior restoration was completed in 1996. The owners have determined that the retention of the building in its present use to be economically viable. At present there is no development application for any further changes to the building.

Support Required to Enable Conservation

All registered property owners have submitted letters requesting the designation of 1101 Nicola Street on a voluntary basis and waiving any future compensation demands. Therefore, no further support to achieve appropriate conservation of this building will be required.


The Director of Legal Services has prepared the necessary Heritage By-law amendments and requirements for notification as specified by the Vancouver Charter have been met.

Comments of the Vancouver Heritage Commission

The Vancouver Heritage Commission discussed the proposed voluntary designation of the Queen Charlotte at 1101 Nicola Street on October 14, 1997. The Commission resolved:

"THAT the Vancouver Heritage Commission commends the owners of the Queen Charlotte Apartments for the voluntary designation of 1101 Nicola Street as a protected heritage site."


Council's long term goal is to protect heritage resources through voluntary designation. The owners of 1101 Nicola Street have proposed the designation of their building on a voluntary basis. The proposed designation is compatible with community planning objectives and the zoning for the site. The owners have agreed the retention of the building to be economically viable and they have agreed that they will not seek any compensation from the City in the future. The designation of the building will ensure that it is protected from inappropriate alterations or demolition in the future. Therefore it is recommended that Council amend Schedule A of the Heritage By-law to designate 1101 Nicola Street as a protected heritage property.

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