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Date: September 23, 1997

Dept. File No. WB

C.C. File No. 2605

TO: Vancouver City Council

FROM:Director of Community Planning on behalf of Land Use and Development

SUBJECT:Form of Development: 1630 West 15th Avenue

D.E. 402477 - CD-1 By-law Number 6962

Owner of Development - Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club


THAT the approved form of development for the CD-1 zoned site known as 1630 West 15th Avenue be generally approved as illustrated in Development Application Number DE402477, prepared by Werner Forster Architects and stamped "Received, City Planning Department September 18. 1997", provided that the Director of Planning may approve design changes which would not adversely affect either the development character of this site or adjacent properties.


The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of the foregoing.


There is no applicable Council policy except that Council did approve the rezoning of this site, following a Public Hearing.


In accordance with Charter requirements, this report seeks Council's approval for the revised form of development for the above-noted CD-1 zoned site.


At a Public Hearing on February 20,1992, City Council approved a rezoning of this site from RT-5 Two-Family Dwelling District to CD-1 Comprehensive Development District to permit an expansion of the existing Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, to be completed in two phases. Council also approved the form of development for Phase One at that time. CD-1 By-law Number 6962 was enacted on April 16,1992 and development permit approval for Phase One was granted on June 3,1992 (DE213918).

The site is located on the north side of West 16th Avenue, between Pine and Fir Streets. The site and surrounding zoning are shown on the attached Appendix 'A'.

The Director of Planning has now approved Development Application Number DE402477 for Phase Two of the "expansion". This approval was subject to various conditions, including Council's approval of the revised form of development for the site. The latter condition is one of the few outstanding prior to permit issuance.


The proposal involves alterations and additions to this private club building, including the addition of approximately 6,000 square feet of floor area to be used for additional Club facilities, including locker rooms, activity areas, pool equipment and service areas, and offices. As well, one level of underground parking will be added under the present tennis courts in the southeast portion of the site.

As most of the additions are internal or below grade, there is minimal change to the external form of development.

Staff are satisfied that this Phase Two expansion is as contemplated in the original rezoning of the site and the intent of the CD-1 By-law is being met.

Simplified plans, including a site plan, parking plan, sections and elevations of the proposal, have been included in Appendix 'B'.


The Director of Planning has approved Development Application Number DE402477, subject to various conditions to be met prior to the issuance of the development permit. One of these conditions is that the form of development first be approved by Council.

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