CS&B COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                                         JUNE 26, 1997

                                                          REPORT TO COUNCIL

                                                   VANCOUVER CIVIC THEATRES BOARD

                                                            June 11, 1997


     1.       New Operating Agreement - Parking Corporation of Vancouver

              The Civic Theatres Board wishes to comment on the Administrative Report dated June 9, 1997 from the General
     Managers of Engineering Services and Corporate Services which will be considered by the Standing Committee on City
     Services and Budgets on June 26, 1997.  If the staff recommendations in this report are approved, the operation of all
     off-street civic parking will be transferred to the Vancouver Parking Corporation, including the parking garage currently
     operated by Civic Theatres.

              This matter was considered by the Board at its May meeting.  Civic Theatres staff  advised they were involved in
     earlier discussions with VPC about this matter, and were given to understand VPC was no longer interested in the parking
     garage.  The Administrative Report puts the Theatres parking garage back on the table, which is a departure from this

              The Board is opposed to this shift in operation, as it is felt that VPC would not be able to maintain the level
     of customer service currently offered by the parking attendants.  At present, the attendants are able to tailor service
     to theatre patrons, and in recent public surveys, the traffic attendants have received an 85% approval rating.  Mr. Rae
     Ackerman, Director of Civic Theatres, is registered to speak before the Standing Committee on June 26, and will provide
     additional information on this matter.

              Accordingly, it was


              THAT the Board express to Council its concern with the potential reduction in customer service as a result of the
              arrangement suggested in the Administrative Report, and advise of its adamant opposition to any proposal which
              would alter the relationship between Civic Theatres and its parking operations. 

                                                                         Hugh Pickett, Acting Chair



     The arguments advanced in the report relating to the Operating Agreement with Parking Corporation of Vancouver apply with
     equal force to the Civic Theatres parking lot.  Accordingly, the City supports the recommendations of the report from
     Engineering and Corporate Services.

                                                  *  *  *  *  *