M E M O R A N D U M

   FROM:     City Clerk's Office           DATE:  June 16, 1997
                                           FILE:  3252

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   SUBJECT:  Resolutions for 1997 UBCM Convention

        Each year the City of Vancouver submits resolutions for
   consideration at the UBCM Annual Convention.  The following resolutions
   are now submitted for Council's consideration:

                                           Submitted by

   (a)  Involuntary Treatment of Youth     Chief Constable, in
        to Prevent Self-Destructive        consultation with the
        Behaviour                          Family Court/Youth Justice

   (b)  Delegation of Routine              Director of Land Use &
        Strata Title Conversion Approvals  Development

        Council has also previously approved a resolution regarding
   Workplace Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke which will be
   forwarded to the UBCM for consideration at the Annual Convention.

                                           CITY CLERK



                             DELEGATION OF ROUTINE

   WHEREAS the Condominium ct establishes a Municipal Council as the
   approving authority for existing buildings seeking to convert to strata
   title ownership, and outlines certain requirements that the Council must
   ensure are met before approval may be given, including consideration of
   "priority of rental accommodation over privately-owned housing in the

   AND WHEREAS the Municipal Council may have no policy objection to
   conversion of industrial/commercial buildings to strata title ownership,
   or the conversion of very specific types of residential buildings (e.g.,
   an existing one-family dwelling on the same site as a newly-constructed
   infill dwelling);

   AND WHEREAS the Municipal Council may prefer to avoid the applicant
   delay and staff resources required to bring such routine applications to
   Council for approval;

   THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Condominium Act be amended to enable
   the Municipal Council to delegate its strata title approval authority to
   its subdivision Approving Officer (or other municipal officer as chosen
   by the Council) for those types of existing buildings prescribed by
   Council resolution, and subject to any additional limitations or
   conditions established by the Council.

                            BACKGROUND INFORMATION

   Delay Factor

   Once a recommendation to approve or refuse a strata title conversion
   application has been completed by staff, it takes a minimum of two weeks
   (and three weeks or more if there are skip Council meetings) before the
   recommendation can go before Vancouver City Council.

   Routine Approval

   Vancouver City Council routinely endorses staff recommendations for
   non-residential strata title conversion applications.  Council has also
   exempted commercial applications from the usual guideline requiring that
   at least 2/3 of households occupying the building must have given their
   written consent.

   Added Workload

   In Vancouver, applications for strata title conversion of commercial
   premises add approximately one report per month to already extensive
   Council agendas.