Date: June 12, 1997
                                           Dept. File No. WB
                                           CC File:  2604

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     Director of Community Planning on behalf of
             Land Use and Development

   SUBJECT:  Form of Development: 1701 Bayshore Drive
             D.E. 402045 - CD-1 By-law Number 7232
             Owner of Development: Aoki Corporation


        THAT the approved form of development for Sub-Area 2 of the CD-1
        zoned site known as 1601 West Georgia Street (1701 Bayshore Drive
        being the application address) be generally approved as illustrated
        in Development Application Number DE402045, prepared by Henriquez
        Partners Architects and stamped "Received, City Planning
        Department, January 15, 1997", provided that the Director of
        Planning may approve design changes which would not adversely
        affect either the development character of this site or adjacent


        The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of
        the foregoing.


   There is no applicable Council policy except that Council did approve in
   principle the form of development for this site when the rezoning was
   approved, following a Public Hearing.


   In accordance with Charter requirements, this report seeks Council's
   approval for the final form of development for Sub-Area 2 of the
   above-noted CD-1 zoned site.


   At a Public Hearing on November 21, 1991, City Council approved a
   rezoning of this site from CD-1 and CWD (Central Waterfront District) to
   CD-1 Comprehensive Development District.  Council also approved in
   principle the form of development for these lands.  CD-1 By-law Number
   7232 was enacted on November 9, 1993. Companion Guidelines (Bayshore
   Gardens [1601 West Georgia Street] CD-1 Guidelines) were also adopted by
   Council resolution at that time.

   The site, surrounding zoning, and sub-area notations are shown on the
   attached Appendix 'A'.

   Subsequent to Council's approval of the CD-1 rezoning, the Development
   Permit Board approved "in principle" Preliminary Development Application
   Number DE402045.  This approval was subject to various conditions to be
   satisfied prior to the submission of a Complete Development Application.


   This CD-1 site contains a total of five Sub-Areas.  This proposal
   involves the construction (on Sub-Area 2) of two 16-storey residential
   buildings containing a total of 98 dwelling units and a 2-storey
   commercial building.

   The proposed development has been assessed against the CD-1 By-law and
   the Council-approved guidelines and was found to respond to the stated

   The proposal is being forwarded for Council's review at the
   "Preliminary" Approval stage as the conditions for submission of the
   Complete application are not expected to affect the form of development.

   Simplified plans, including a site plan and elevations of the proposal,
   have been included in Appendix 'B'.


   The Development Permit Board has approved, "in principle", Preliminary
   Development Application Number DE402045, subject to various conditions
   to be met prior to the submission of a Complete Development Application. 
   Should Council approve the final form of development now, it will not be
   necessary to return for Council's review at the Complete application

                                   * * * * *