JUNE 3, 1997

                             ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                           Date: 20 May 1997
                                           Dept. File No. 4252-10
                                           CC File No.: 8111/5554-1

   TO:       Standing Committee on Transportation and Traffic

   FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  West End Transit Service


        A.   THAT the proposed new #5 Robson/Downtown and #6 Davie/
             Waterfront transit routes, as illustrated in Appendix C, be

        B.   THAT BC Transit be requested to investigate as a high priority
             the potential for moving the termini for the West End transit
             services from Denman and Davie Streets to the eastern
             Entertainment District in order to provide a continuous
             transit connection between the Davie, Denman and Robson Street
             commercial/residential neighbourhoods, as illustrated in
             Appendix E.

        C.   THAT staff report back on new bus stops, shelters, litter
             containers, landing improvements and other details of route
             implementation as necessary.


   -    Council has established public transit as a high priority.

   -    Council supports measures to increase transit use as a means of
        reducing the impacts of general vehicular traffic growth and
        improving regional air quality, as per the Transport 2021
        initiatives and Draft Transportation Plan.

   -    Council approves transit routes and bus stops locations on City


   BC Transit will be implementing a revised West End transit service on
   September 1, 1997.  This report recommends approval of the proposed


   The City has for many years requested that West End transit services be
   separated from the Main and Fraser Street services.  The services are
   currently combined, as illustrated in Appendix A.

   Advantages to separating the West End services include:

        -    Improved service reliability.

             Separating the services would shorten the existing routes and
             isolate service problems in the West End or on Main and Fraser
             Streets.  These service problems can be more easily dealt with
             and therefore service reliability would increase.  West End
             routes are already separated from the Main Street and Fraser
             Street services in the evenings, Sundays and holidays,
             primarily in order to deal with delays caused by congestion on
             Robson Street.

        -    Enhanced service frequencies

             Separating the routes would make it easier to implement
             service frequencies designed specifically for the West End,
             independent of changes to the Fraser and Main Street services. 
             Service frequencies could be more closely matched to

        -    Lower fares

             A separate West End service could make it easier for BC
             Transit to implement lower transit fares in the downtown in
             future, as requested by Council.

   On June 21, 1990 Council requested BC Transit introduce a separated West
   End route as illustrated in Appendix B.  On June 29, 1997, the Vancouver
   Regional Transit Commission approved BC Transit s plan to introduce a
   separate West End service in September 1997.


   On April 21, 1997, BC Transit hosted a public workshop at the Vancouver
   Public Library regarding proposed new downtown transit services. 
   Thirty-one people attended, including City staff.  There was general
   agreement on the concept of a separate West End service. Other comments
   included the need for improved frequencies, less crowding and direct
   connections to other components of the transit network, especially to


   Based on input from the workshop, a new service plan was developed and
   presented to the City on May 20, 1997.  As illustrated in Appendix C, BC
   Transit is proposing no change to the existing routes in the West End,
   west of Granville Street.  The termini would remain at Davie and Denman
   Streets.  However, east of Granville Street, the routes would turn
   around at Waterfront Station and at Library Square, rather than continue
   on to Main and Fraser Streets.

   Service frequencies would be improved.  As described in Appendix D, the
   most significant improvements would occur in the midday (from about 8.5
   to 7 minutes) and evenings (from 15 to 10 minutes).

   The public process and proposed routes are described in more detail in a
   BC Transit report (available in the City Clerk s office) entitled
   "Downtown Vancouver Transit Enhancement Phase II - West End to


   BC Transit s proposal would achieve the benefits of a separated service. 
   Reliability would be improved and a service connection would be provided
   to the Entertainment District and Library Square.

   However, there is still a need to improve internal West End transit
   service.  At present, West End transit routes effectively discontinue at
   the Davie and Denman Street termini.  Buses  terminate for up to 10
   minutes and transit passengers may be required to get off the bus when
   it is stopped.  As a result, transit customers can not make efficient
   transit trips between the Denman/Robson and Davie Street
   commercial/residential neighbour-hoods.

   It would be desirable to relocate the Denman Street and Davie Street
   termini to the Entertainment District in future, as illustrated in
   Appendix E.  This would create a continuous internal West End transit
   link.  In addition to the travel benefits to West End transit customers,
   there would likely be less automobile use for internal West End trips,
   and the noise and visual concerns at the current Davie Street and Denman
   Street termini would be reduced.  BC Transit has identified this as a
   potential future option.  It is recommended that BC Transit investigate
   the proposal in detail as a high priority City request.


   New routes would have to be developed for the #3 Main and #8 Fraser
   services in the downtown, since they would no longer be connected to the
   West End services.  The preference would be for these routes to extend
   as far west as the Golden Triangle.  The proposed routes will be
   reported to Council for approval when finalized.


   It is recommended that Council approve the proposed new West End transit
   routes in order to improve service frequency and reliability, and
   provide a new transit connection to the Entertainment/Library District. 
   Staff will report back on new bus stops and other details regarding
   route implementation, as necessary.  Service levels and ridership will
   be monitored when the service is introduced.  Staff will work with BC
   Transit on the proposal to create a continuous West End service with an
   eastern termini.

                               *   *   *   *   *



                          (MINUTES)            (MINUTES)

    AM PEAK                       6-7                    6

    MIDDAY                        8-9                    7
    PM PEAK                       5-6                   5-6

    EVENING                        15                   10

    NIGHT                          15                   15

    SATURDAY BASE                 6-10                   7
    SUNDAY/HOLIDAYS                10                   10