JUNE 3, 1997

                             ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                           Date:14 May 1997
                                           Dept. File No. 4252-10
                                           CC File No.: 8205/5554-1

   TO:       Standing Committee on Transportation and Traffic

   FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  North Shore False Creek Bus Routes


        A.   THAT the North Shore False Creek bus routes and bus stops
             illustrated in Appendices A, B and C be approved.

        B.   THAT bus stop improvements including shelters, litter
             receptacles, and landing area changes be introduced where

        C.   THAT the $6,300 required to pay for new litter receptacles at
             the new stops be obtained from Contingency Reserve.

        D.   THAT the Sanitation Operating Budget be increased by $13,500
             annually for the emptying of the litter receptacles.


        -    Council has established public transit as a high priority.

        -    Council supports measures to increase transit use as a means
             of reducing the impacts of general vehicular traffic growth
             and improving regional air quality, as per the Transport 2021
             initiatives and Draft Transportation Plan.

        -    Council approves transit routes and bus stops locations on
             City streets.


   BC Transit will be implementing new transit services for False Creek
   North on June 30, 1997.  This report recommends approval of the proposed
   routes and stops.


   On April 8, 1997 Council approved:

        A.   THAT the new bus service for False Creek North/Yaletown and
             the improvements to the #1 Beach Avenue route be approved.

        B.   THAT the specific route proposals [illustrated in Appendices A
             to C and modified as noted below] be referred to a further
             public meeting of BC Transit (to include the attendees at the
             February workshop), with a report back by staff on the

        C.   THAT BC Transit be requested to provide at least a 12 minute
             service frequency for the daytime Monday to Saturday False
             Creek North route.

        D.   THAT BC Transit be requested to review the proposed evening,
             Sunday, and holiday route for False Creek North and Beach
             Avenue over the next year, to determine whether a more
             frequent or less circuitous service should be provided.

        E.   THAT staff report back on route details, bus stop locations
             and, as necessary, modifications to roadways, traffic
             management measures, bus stop amenities (including shelters
             and waste receptacles) and other details of the route
             implementation, including funding requirements, following the
             public meeting.


   On April 21, 1997 BC Transit hosted a public workshop at the Vancouver
   Public Library regarding proposed new downtown transit services. 
   Residents  comments regarding the proposed North Shore False Creek
   routes were generally favourable.  However, there was  concern that the
   proposed 15 minute (daytime) and 20 minute (evening/Sunday/holiday)
   frequencies were inadequate given the density of development in this
   sector and since downtown transit trips are in competition with walking
   trips.  BC Transit indicated service levels will be monitored and
   adjusted as residential density and ridership levels increase.


   The bus stops in Appendices A to C were developed in consultation with
   BC Transit in order to provide convenient walking distances to the new
   services.  The terminus for the #22 False Creek service will be on
   northbound Hornby Street at Drake Street.  Seaboard Advertising has been
   approached to provide bus shelters.  Landing areas will be improved
   where appropriate.  It is recommended that $6,300 to pay for litter
   receptacles at the new stops be funded out of Contingency Reserve, and
   that the Sanitation Operating Budget be increased by $13,500 annually
   for emptying and maintaining the receptacles.


   Minor traffic management or intersection geometry adjustments are
   required at the intersections of Nelson Street with Beatty Street and
   Pacific Boulevard South in order to permit bus turning movements.  The
   changes have been designed to avoid affecting the special pedestrian
   environment in the area.  It is planned to adjust the centre line of
   Nelson Street at Pacific Boulevard South so that left-turning buses can
   miss the existing pedestrian bulge on Nelson Street.   A minor
   modification to the traffic island at Nelson Street and Beatty Street
   will provide an adequate turning path for buses.


   There has been a modification to the evening/Sunday/holiday  route
   considered by Council on April 8, 1997.  As illustrated in Appendix C,
   the route will extend east on Pender Street to Columbia Street (instead
   of Abbott Street) and provide a connection to Chinatown and Gastown.


   The new North Shore False Creek transit services will improve mobility
   for existing residents and attract more transit-oriented residents into
   this sector.  Staff will liaise with BC Transit regarding monitoring and
   adjusting service levels as population and transit needs grow. 

   In the longer term, transit service will have to be enhanced east of BC
   Place Stadium as development continues in this area.  This could happen
   as early as the next three to five years.  Staff will be meeting with BC
   Transit in order to develop route options to serve this area as well as
   potentially integrate the routes shown in the appendices.


   The Committee suggests that direct service to the Enterprise Centre and
   G.M. Place, and the emerging International Village development, will
   necessitate relocating or adding service for the area east of the Cambie
   Bridge.  There are some who believe this service should be developed
   now, noting these are major public attractions.

                               *   *   *   *   *