P&E COMMITTEE GENDA
                                           MAY 29, 1997

                                 POLICY REPORT

                                           Date: May 9,1997
                                           C.C. File No. 5659-1

   TO:       Standing Committee on City Services and Budgets

   FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  Additional Vending Locations -
             Gastown Business Improvement Society Proposal


        A.   That the Gastown Business  Improvement Society (GBIS) proposal
             to administer  two additional street vending  locations (for a
             total of 6) be approved.

        B.   That the program be reviewed after one year with a report back
             if changes are appropriate.


   In 1992, the Gastown Business Improvement Association was given approval
   to administer four spaces for the use of local merchants or promotion of
   the area.  In 1994, Council  approved a ceiling on the number  of street
   vending  permits issued in the  City of Vancouver  (100 locations in the
   downtown and  20 locations outside the  downtown). Subsequently, Council
   approved a  limited number of  additional locations  for the use  of the
   Downtown Vancouver and other BIAs.


   The purpose of this  report is to recommend  approval of two  additional
   street  vending locations in Gastown to be administered through the GBIS
   as part of a street activity program.


   In  1992, Council  approved  that  a  maximum  of  four  street  vending
   locations be made available to the GBIS  for use by merchants or for the
   promotion  of the  area.  Two  of these  permits have been  used by food
   vendors  with  the  support  of  the  GBIS.    These  vendors  are  well
   established in the community and have built a solid customer base.



   Gastown Proposal

   Although  the Committee does not wish to terminate the existing vendors,
   they do  wish to use four  locations (the two unused  locations plus two
   more) in the above project.  The GBIS has recently formed a "Street-Use"
   sub-committee whose goal is  to introduce more street life  and activity
   into  the Gastown  area.   The Committee  is proposing  a pilot  "Street
   Place"  project, the purpose  of which would  be "to  provide more life,
   diversity and safety  to Water Street  and Gastown; and to  provide more
   public  awareness  and  acceptance  of  the  vitality  and  heritage  of

   The  GBIS  is proposing  to schedule  a variety  of activities  at these
   predetermined locations  including:  artists, buskers  and various types
   of vendors (within the guidelines of the street vending program).

   The current fees charged for the types of activities anticipated are:

   Dry goods vending                  $450.00 per year + GST
   Food vending                       $600.00 per year + GST
   Busking and art demonstrations     No charge

   The GBIS is prepared to pay the highest rate for  each location in order
   to have  maximum flexibility in the use of the space.  Permits for these
   locations would be issued to the GBIS under the following conditions:

            that liability insurance coverage satisfactory to the Director
             of Risk Management be provided;

            that  all  food  vendors  be  required  to  obtain  a   Health
             Department permit.

   It should be noted that, in the case of buskers, the GBIS would have the
   right to  recruit and  select the  types of  performances they  feel are
   appropriate for the area,  however, under the existing by-laws  there is
   little control over others who may choose to perform nearby.   Staff are
   currently reviewing the issue  of busking city  wide and will present  a
   detailed report to Council in the near future.

   It is recommended that the use  of two additional spaces be approved for
   a total of 6 spaces(4 for the proposed "Street  Place" program and 2 for
   the existing food vendors).  It is further recommended that  the project
   be   reviewed  after  one  year  with  a  report  back  if  changes  are