P&E COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                                         MAY 29, 1997                            


     1.     Address:  2198 & 2298 Granville Street      Present Zone:        C-3A
                               (DE402272 & DE402269, respectively)
                               [Pacific Press site]
            Applicant:         Bosa Developments Corp.
            Staff:             R. Segal, P. St. Michel
            Date of Application:       April 4, 1997  (preliminary)

            Proposal:          Mixed-use residential/retail complexes comprising of:

                               North Block - 2198 Granville Street
                               Two buildings ranging from 5 to 12 storeys, having:
                                  two 12-storey towers, each approximately 115 ft. high;
                                  6,000 sq. ft. of retail space on Granville Street;
                                  a total of 275 dwelling units; 
                                  two levels of underground parking for 363 cars; and
                                  35,400 sq. ft. to be dedicated, as open space and road.

                               South Block - 2298 Granville Street
                               A cluster of five buildings ranging from 3 to 20 storeys, having
                                  an 18-storey tower approximately 159 feet high;
                                  a 20-storey tower approximately 187 feet high;
                                  9,300 sq. ft. of retail space on Granville Street;
                                  360 dwelling units; and
                                  two levels of underground parking for 472 cars.

              Issues: 1.       procedure for achieving open space; and
                               2.  height.

                                                                                                                       . . . /2

     2.     Address:  750 Pacific Boulevard                      Present Zone:    CD-1
            Applicant:         Architectura                                       Proposed Zone:   CD-1
            Date of Application:       April 1, 1997
            Staff:             J. Barrett, R. Whitlock

            Proposal:          To add to the existing Plaza of Nations a 31 storey, 457-room hotel which includes hotel amenity
                               space and additional parking for 240 cars.  Other features include expanding the existing
                               marina, waterfront walkway and ferry terminal.

                               Note:   The False Creek North Official Development Plan (FCNODP) allows for an additional
                                       300,000 sq. ft. of hotel use on this site.

            Issues:            Appropriateness of form of development, configuration and location of pedestrian and bicycle

     3.     Address:  976 West 54th Avenue              Present Zone:             RS-1
                               [former Orion Private Hospital site]          Proposed Zone:             CD-1
            Applicant:         Helen Besharat (Molnar)
            Staff:             T. Phipps, F. Ducote, Y. MacNeill
            Date of Application:       March 27, 1997

            Proposal:          Five (5) two-storey, four 2-1/2 storey townhouses, and 22 apartments in a separate three-storey
                               building, with a lower 4th floor at the rear, at 1.14 FSR, with underground parking.

            Issues:   -        loss of mature trees;
                               -   setbacks;
                               -   point of access and ramp impacts;
                               -   relationship to adjacent building; and
                               -   density bonus requested without specific public benefit.