Date: April 4, 1997
                                           Dept. File No. WB
                                           C.C. File: 2609-1

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     Director of Land Use and Development

   SUBJECT:  Form of Development: 2698 Vine Street
             D.E. 402007 - CD-1 By-law Number 7460
             Owner of Development: Intergulf Development Group


        THAT the approved form of development for this portion of the  CD-1
        zoned site known as 2790 Vine Street (2698 Vine Street being the
        application address) be generally approved as illustrated in
        Development Application Number DE402007, prepared by Graham
        Crockart Architect and stamped "Received, City Planning Department,
        April 2, 1997", provided that the Director of Planning may approve
        design changes which would not adversely affect either the
        development character of this site or adjacent properties. 


        The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of
        the foregoing.


   There is no applicable Council policy except that Council did approve in
   principle the form of development for this site when the rezoning was
   approved, following a Public Hearing.


   In accordance with Charter requirements, this report seeks Council's
   approval for the final form of development for this portion of the
   above-noted CD-1 zoned site.


   Following a Public Hearing on February 22, 1994, Council at its meeting
   on March 8, 1994, approved a rezoning of this site from M-1 Industrial
   District to CD-1 Comprehensive Development District.  Council also
   approved in principle the form of development for these lands.  CD-1
   By-law Number 7460 was enacted on July 27, 1995. 
   Companion Guidelines (Arbutus/Vine Industrial Area CD-1 Guidelines) were
   adopted by Council on June 21, 1994, as part of the rezoning of 2135
   West 12th Avenue (CD-1 By-law Number 7317).

   The site (including the outline of the buildings anticipated for each
   parcel), as well as the surrounding zoning are shown on the attached
   Appendix 'A'.

   Subsequent to Council's approval of the CD-1 rezoning, the Director of
   Planning approved Development Application Number DE402007.  This
   approval was subject to various conditions, including Council's approval
   of the form of development.  The latter condition is one of the few
   outstanding, prior to permit issuance.


   This CD-1 district consists of a total of nine separate parcels. This
   proposal is to construct (on Parcel 3) a four-storey multiple dwelling
   containing a total of 26 residential dwelling units and to construct (on
   Parcel 4) a four-storey multiple dwelling containing a total of 49
   residential dwelling units.  Two levels of shared underground parking
   are to be provided.

   Simplified plans, including a site plan and elevations of the proposal,
   have been included in Appendix 'B'.


   The Director of Planning has approved Development Application Number
   DE402007, subject to various conditions to be met prior to the issuance
   of the development permit.  One of these conditions is that the form of
   development first be approved by Council.

                                 *  *  *  *  *