March 26, 1997

   Mayor P. Owen and Members of City Council
   City Hall
   Vancouver, B.C.

   Dear Mayor Owen and Members of Council:

   Re:  Season Pass for Pay Parking at the Jericho Beach Area Parking Lot

   At the Park Board s Community Services & Budgets Committee meeting held
   on Monday, March 24, 1997, a staff report dated March 13, 1997
   (enclosed) was discussed and several delegations heard.  The delegations
   expressed concerns that pay parking would seriously impact on seniors,
   families and especially participants and volunteers in the Disabled
   Sailing events.  Minutes of the discussion are attached as Appendix A.

   The estimated revenue from the Jericho Parking lot is $75,000 of which
   the Board would utilise $50,000 for its required budget adjustment and
   the other $25,000 has been allocated for the City.

   The Board considered this matter at its regular meeting on Monday, March
   24, 1997 and passed the following motions:

        1.   THAT the Board request City Council forgo their 1/3 share of
             pay parking at Jericho to enable the continued volunteerism
             and community service of the Jericho Sailing Centre.

        2.   THAT staff explore with Jericho Sailing Centre means by which
             an exemption to pay parking for Jericho Sailing Centre be

        3.   THAT this motion does not bind the Board to an exemption for
             Jericho Sailing Centre from Jericho pay parking.

   Yours truly,

   V. Kondrosky
   General Manager

   Comments of the Director of Finance

   The Director of Finance does not support this request from the Park
   Board, as it is contrary to the global budget arrangement which Council
   has with the Park Board.  When Council established that global budget
   arrangement with the Park Board in 1992, it created a mechanism whereby
   the Board has complete freedom to establish its priorities and to
   provide funding for them.  Earlier this year, when faced with a similar
   request from the Park Board for the City to relinquish its 1/3 of new
   revenues, Council took no action, thereby reaffirming the terms of the
   global budget arrangement.