ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT         

                                                                                                          Date:  March 20,1997 
                                                                                                          Dept. File No. H764-9
                                                                                                          CC File No. 1801-1   

     TO:              Vancouver City Council

     FROM:    General Manager of Engineering Services

     SUBJECT:         Tender No. 9706 - Construction of P.C. Concrete Curbs
                      and Gutters and Asphaltic Concrete Pavement on Sundry


              A.      THAT Tender Number 9706 - Construction of P.C. Concrete Curbs and Gutters, and Asphaltic Concrete
                      Pavement on Sundry Streets, from Columbia Bitulithic Limited, the low bidder, in the amount of
                      $2,282,510.55, be accepted, subject to a contract satisfactory to the Director of Legal Services.

              B.      THAT the Director of Legal Services execute the contract on behalf of the City.   No legal rights shall
                      arise hereby and none shall arise until execution of the contemplated Agreement.


     Construction contracts over $200,000 are to be awarded by Council.


     The purpose of this report is to obtain Council approval to award 
     Tender No. 9706 for the construction of curbs and gutters and pavement on sundry streets.


     The projects in this tender are new construction and went forward
     to the Court of Revision on March 27, 1997. 

                                                                - 2 -


     Tenders for the construction of P.C. Concrete Curbs and Gutters and Asphaltic Concrete Pavement on Sundry Streets (Tender
     No. 9706) were opened on March 12, 1997, and referred to the General Manager of Engineering Services for tabulation.

     All tenders were checked for completeness and accuracy and any
     miscalculations or omissions corrected.  Tabulations of the amounts bid, with the lowest bid underlined, are shown below:

              1.      Columbia Bitulithic Ltd           $2,282,510.55
              2.      Imperial Paving Limited           $2,352,000.25
              3.      Jack Cewe Ltd.                             $2,369,486.50
              4.      Winvan Paving Limited             $2,433,091.75

     These bids include 7% G.S.T. and are based on unit pricing of estimated quantities supplied by the Department. 
     Therefore, the actual cost of this tender may vary according to quantities measured during construction.  As well, extra
     or "force account" work, in addition to the unit cost work, may increase the cost of this tender.


     The Engineer's anticipated tender for this contract was $2,264,050.62 which was determined on the basis of averaging the
     unit prices from the two local improvement street construction contracts in 1996. Comparing unit prices over the past
     nine years indicate that the low bid is reasonable.

     The total estimated cost for construction of the streets in this tender is $3,799,774.  This estimated cost contains
     provision for sewer, waterworks, electrical and utility adjustments, catch basin adjustments, and unanticipated extra
     work in addition to the contract price.  This additional work will be performed by the contractor,  City crews, or, in
     some instances, by outside utilities.  Funding for the City's share of this work has been approved by Council in the
     first and second step reports considered  prior to the March 1997 Court of Revisions.


     The low bid is balanced and consistent with the trend of contract unit prices for the past nine years and supports the
     recommendation that Contract No. 9706 be awarded to Columbia Bitulithic Ltd.

                                                          *   *   *   *   *