ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                                     Date: March 24, 1997  
                                                     Dept. File No. H 93-34
                                                     CC File No. 5551-1    

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  North Shore False Creek Transit Service


        A.   THAT the new bus service for False Creek North/Yaletown and
             the improvements to the #1 Beach Avenue route be approved.

        B.   THAT the specific route proposals shown in Appendices A and B
             be referred to a further public meeting of BC Transit (to
             include the attendees at the February workshop), with a report
             back by staff on the outcome.

        C.   THAT BC Transit be requested to provide at least a 12 minute
             service frequency for the daytime Monday to Saturday False
             Creek North route.

        D.   THAT BC Transit be requested to review the proposed evening,
             Sunday, and holiday route for False Creek North and Beach
             Avenue over the next year, to determine whether a more
             frequent or less circuitous service should be provided.

        E.   THAT staff report back on route details, bus stop locations
             and, as necessary, modifications to roadways, traffic
             management measures, bus stop amenities (including shelters
             and waste receptacles) and other details of the route
             implementation, including funding requirements, following the
             public meeting.


                                    - 2  -


   Council has established public transit as a high priority.

   Council supports measures to increase transit use as a means of 
   reducing the impacts of general vehicular traffic growth and improving
   regional air quality, as per the Transport 2021 initiatives and Draft
   Transportation Plan.


   This report recommends that Council approve BC Transit s proposed new
   service for False Creek North/Yaletown and Beach Avenue/ Granville
   Slopes, and report back on route details after a further public meeting. 
   The new services are scheduled to start June 30, 1997.


   Introducing transit service in the emerging high density False Creek
   North/Yaletown area has been a high priority Council request to the
   Vancouver Regional Transit Commission for some time.  Council has also
   requested that the evening, Sunday and holiday operation of the #1
   service for Beach Avenue and Granville Slopes be reinstated.

   On March 11, 1997, Council received BC Transit s 1997/98 Annual Service
   Plan for information.  The plan notes a number of improvements for the
   Downtown including a new False Creek North Service.  BC Transit has
   provided a report on the service entitled Downtown Vancouver Transit
   Enhancement Phase 1 - Yaletown/False Creek North to Downtown (available
   in the City Clerk s office).


   The purpose of the new route is to introduce transit service into the
   False Creek North area in order to serve residents and businesses. 
   Direct, high-frequency connections are desirable for trips to and from:

        -  the core of the Downtown
        -  major transit routes on and parallel to Granville Street
        -  SkyTrain

                                    - 3  -

   Other important destinations include:

        -   shopping and health care (e.g., Davie Street
             and Robson Street);
        -   recreation (e.g., Stanley Park and the enter-
             tainment/Library district); and
        -   other neighbourhoods on the Downtown peninsula.


   The public process to develop this service has included:

   1.   Telephone Survey

        BC Transit conducted a survey of residents in the Central Area. 
        The survey included questions on existing travel patterns, mode of
        travel, destinations, and willingness to use new transit services
        connecting their neighbourhoods to areas in the Downtown.

   2.   Public Workshop

        On February 24, 1997, BC Transit staff hosted a public workshop at
        Library Square to discuss the new service.  Approximately 25
        persons attended, as well as City staff.  After a brief discussion
        of some of the general service concepts, people broke into work
        groups to discuss their general service needs and interests.  These
        are reflected in the objectives outlined above.

   At the meeting, BC Transit indicated it would be following up with the
   workshop participants.  To summarize, there has been public involvement
   in the development of the route, but the public has not had the
   opportunity to comment in detail on this specific proposal.  There does
   need to be a further public meeting on these specifics, and staff will
   report back on the results of this discussion.


   Since the public workshop, a number of route options have been
   investigated in order to achieve the objectives identified above.  Some
   of the options have potentially higher frequencies or provide better
   connections but are circuitous or would require a higher level of
   funding than is available.  Others are potentially long term options
   only, as they involve changes to BC Transit s collective agreement or
   require property to allow roadway modifications.

                                    - 4  -

   There is no single route option that can meet all objectives without
   compromise.  However, BC Transit has developed a preferred routing.  As
   illustrated in Appendix A, the daytime plan has two elements:

   1.   a new Route from the False Creek North/Yaletown area to the
        Downtown.  The new service is a rerouted extension of the existing
        #22 Downtown/Macdonald service and as such offers a cost saving
        over some other options.  The #22 Downtown service currently
        terminates on Keefer Street at Columbia Street.

   2.   an extension of the #1 Gastown/Beach to Pacific Boulevard at Davie

   Service would operate in the daytime, approximately 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday
   to Saturday.  The service frequency would be 15 minutes on each of the
   two routes, with schedules coordinated to provide a combined 7-8 minute
   frequency for eastbound Pacific Boulevard between Richards Street and
   Davie street for trips to the Downtown.  All buses would be wheelchair

   During the evenings, Sundays and holidays, a 20-minute service would be
   provided on a modified routing that combines the Beach Avenue and False
   Creek North services, as illustrated in Appendix B.


   The extension of the #1 Beach and #22 Macdonald services into the False
   Creek North/Yaletown area generally provides the necessary connections
   to the rest of the Downtown peninsula.  The daytime frequency to the
   downtown core (7-8 minutes) is acceptable.  However, for other trips the
   15 minute frequency is below policy for high density transit situations. 
   BC Transit has proposed this lower frequency because of uncertainty
   about the productivity of the route.  It is recommended that BC Transit
   be asked to improve this frequency to at least 12 minutes, as the
   service is in competition with the walking trip.

   The extension of the #1 Beach service east to Pacific Boulevard and
   Davie Street benefits the West End south of Davie Street by providing:

        -  transfer connections to services on Granville Street and
        -  access to the new Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation
           Centre; and
        -  service to east Davie Street

                                    - 5  -

   However, because of the longer route, travel times to the Downtown would
   increase by about 5 minutes.

   Regarding the evening, Sunday, and Holiday service, Council s request to
   reinstate service on Beach Avenue in these time periods is accomplished. 
   However, the route is circuitous and the frequency is low (20 minutes). 
   This service should be reviewed over the next year to determine whether
   a more frequent or less circuitous service could be provided.


   BC Transit is proceeding quickly.  Assuming Council approval of the new
   service now, BC Transit will seek Vancouver Regional Transit Commission
   approval on April 9th to allocate the necessary service hours. 
   Following a further public meeting, staff will report back on route
   specifics, bus stop locations and, if necessary, on minor geometric
   modifications at two intersections, traffic management changes, and bus
   stop amenities such as shelters and waste receptacles. The service is
   scheduled to start on June 30, 1997.


   It is encouraging that BC Transit is working quickly to establish the
   False Creek North service, albeit with tight timing, along with a number
   of other important new transit improvements in the City and Region.  It
   is recommended that Council approve provision of the new service now; BC
   Transit s proposal will be discussed further with the public before
   finalization, and ongoing improvements will continue to be sought.

                             *   *   *   *   *