NO. 2
                                                    P&E COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                    MARCH 27, 1997                       


    1. Address:       4900 Heather & 4925 Cambie Streets
       Present Zone:  CD-1 (10)
       Applicants:    Larry Chan, Davidson Yuen Simpson
       Proposed Zone: CD-1 (amend)
                      (for 4900 Heather Street)
                      Thomas Palmer, Oberto Oberti Architects
                      (for 4925 Cambie Street)
       Staff:         L. Challis, E. Fiss
       Previous Inquiry:      November 30, 1994
       Date of Application:   February 18, 1997

       Proposal:      To amend the existing CD-1 By-law for these two properties:

                      (a)  to allow a 2-storey addition to the existing Youville Residence
                           (4900 Heather) to provide 72 beds of multi-level care; and
                      (b)  to add a 5-storey building on the portion of the site occupied
                           by Holy Name Catholic Church (4925 Cambie) for a new rectory,
                           offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

          Issues:     -    appropriateness of the uses proposed as accessory to the
                           church, e.g., crisis housing, health care unit, cafeteria and
                      -    potential neighbourhood impacts of increased intensity of use
                           on Holy Name site, such as noise, litter, parking, etc.;
                      -    parking and circulation; and
                      -    process as amendments to CD-1 (10) or create 2 separate CD-1?

    1997 03 07