ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                           Date: January 30, 1997
                                           Dept. File No. 3416

   TO:            Vancouver City Council

   FROM:          Manager of the Housing Centre

   SUBJECT:       1996 Non-Market Housing Inventory


        The General Manager submits this report for INFORMATION.


   Council policies support the development of a wide range of housing
   forms and types, including non-market housing, throughout the city to
   meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents. 


   The purpose of this report is to submit to Council the document titled
   "Vancouver Non-Market Housing Inventory 1953-1995", attached as Appendix


   In 1993, the City published the first inventory of non-market housing
   that had been developed or approved between 1953 and the end of 1992. 
   This inventory was compiled in response to requests for information from
   Council, housing sponsors, neighbourhood groups, and those seeking
   affordable accommodation.  The inventory has provided basic information
   for use in answering information requests, and for addressing housing
   needs and issues in the city.


   Since the last Inventory was published, the face of non-market housing
   has changed significantly, with the demise of new federal funding and
   the introduction of unilateral provincial programs. Twenty-six new
   projects received funding approval between 1993 and the end of 1995, and
   some older non-market projects have been demolished.  The revised
   Inventory incorporates these changes, and also provides an expanded
   overview of non-market housing in the 

   *Limited distribution - on file at the City Clerk's office

   By the end of 1995, there were 325 completed and occupied non-market
   housing projects in the city, providing 18,363 units (just over 8%
   percent of the City s housing stock).  Another 23 projects were either
   approved or under construction.  Once the projects underway are
   completed, there will be 19,303 non-market units in the city.  In 1996,
   another 3 projects (Woodwards, VanCity Place, and Helping Spirit Lodge)
   have been approved, together with an increase in the units already
   approved for the Portland project, for a total of 275 units.

   The primary City role in the development of non-market housing has been
   to buy and lease sites.  A third of all projects are on land leased from
   the City at less than freehold value, with a total write down of over
   $52 million since 1978. In recent years, most non-market housing has
   been built on City land.  In addition to lease write downs, the City has
   provided grants for projects needing further assistance.  To date, these
   grants from the Affordable Housing Fund total over $5 million in 1995

   In 1996, the Province reduced its annual non-market housing allocation
   to 600 units from 900 units in 1994 and 1995.  The allocation will
   likely remain at this reduced level for the near future.  The reduction
   in senior government funding is forcing non-profit housing sponsors to
   pursue new approaches to meeting housing needs, such as public/private
   partnerships and bonusing.  Future inventories will be expanded to
   include these non-traditional forms of social and affordable housing. 
   Council can expect a policy report this Spring on the issues facing the
   City s non-market housing initiatives.

                       *    *      *      *     *