ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                           Date: January 22, 1997
                                           Dept. File No.2101
                                           C.C. File: 5651

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  Payment-In-Lieu Parking Application
             700 Davie Street


        A.   THAT Council approve in principle the offer of payment-in-lieu
             in the amount of $26,600 by E.D.I. & G. Investments Inc. for
             DE 401402, for the waiver of 2 parking spaces required by
             Section 4.1.2 of the Parking By-law; and

        B.   THAT the Director of Legal Services be requested to bring
             forward a by-law to amend Schedule A of the Parking By-law
             pursuant to Section 4.11.5 to effect this waiver.


   In 1986, Council approved payment-in-lieu parking provisions.


   An application pursuant to Section 4.11 of the Parking By-law has been
   received to waive the number of parking spaces required by Section 4.1.2
   of the By-law and to make payment-in-lieu.  The particulars of the
   application are as follows:

   Address:            700 Davie Street
   Applicant:             Merrick Hunter of W.T. Leung Architects for
                       E.D.I. & G Investments Inc. 

   Zoning:                     D.D.
   DE No.                      401402
   Type of Development:            New 1-storey building 
   Use:                        447m2 Retail 
   Legal Description:              Lot 37 & 38, Block 102, Plan 210, 
                               District Lot 541
   Parking Required:               4
   Parking Provided:               2
   No. of Spaces for Payment-In-Lieu:      2
   Recommended Amount/Space:       $13,300
   Total Payment-In-Lieu Amount:           $26,600 

   A review of this application found that payment-in-lieu is appropriate,
   given the site constraints and the lack of opportunity to provide
   parking by another means.

                       *  *  *  *  *