ITEM NO. 6
                                                                                   T & T COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                                                   FEBRAURY 5, 1997

                                                     ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                                                         Date: January 8, 1997
                                                                         Dept. File No. 4051
                                                                         CC File: 5553-1

     TO:              Standing Committee on Transportation and Traffic

     FROM:            General Manager of Engineering Services

     SUBJECT:         South West Marine Drive Bike Route


              A.      THAT  the  shoulders on SW Marine Drive  between Granville and Camosun be  improved for cyclists, as
                      detailed in this report.

              B.      THAT     $60,000 from  approved  Provincial  funding and  $15,000  from  the Streets  Basic  Capital
                      Unappropriated Account #12/31/6903/999, Bicycle Network, be allocated for the above work.  

              C.      THAT the  signing maintenance budget be increased by $500 without offset, for the maintenance of the
                      signs and stencils proposed in this design, starting in 1998.


     The Vancouver Comprehensive Bicycle Plan (1988) and the Clouds of Change Report (1990) established the  City's policy
     of promoting and encouraging cycling as a transportation alternative.


     The  purpose of this report is  to obtain approval for stencils, signs and  pavement improvements along the shoulders
     of SW Marine Drive, between Granville and Camosun streets. 


     In 1996  the City of  Vancouver applied  to the  Provincial Government  for cost  sharing on  four cycling  projects.
     Shoulder improvement to SW Marine Drive was one of the projects approved.  

     SW Marine Drive  has been used by  cyclists commuting to UBC for  years, but the narrow  shoulders, poor pavement and
      pinch points  (where the painted shoulders end) make it unacceptable as a modern cycling facility.

     If approved, this project  will create the first marked bike lanes in Vancouver and will be a first step in improving
     non-local streets for cyclists.


     Approximately eighty percent of the  shoulders along SW Marine Drive have pot holes, sunken catch basins, rough edges
     and drainage problems and these would be repaired under this  proposal.  At some locations the painted shoulder  ends
     and  cyclists are forced to share the narrow lane  with traffic.  Additional lanes or paths for cyclists are proposed
     at these locations.

     (a)      Neighbourhood Compatibility

              After the  preliminary design was  prepared by  Engineering Services  and the Bicycle  Advisory Committee  to
              Council, Engineering  met with  the SW  Marine Drive Ratepayers  Association to  discuss the  proposal.   The
              association                         s input  was incorporated  into the  proposal that  was then  distributed to  residents along  SW
              Marine Drive in the form of a survey (see Appendix A).

              Total number of surveys sent out:                          400
              Total number of responses:                                   86 (22% response rate)

              In favour of Marked Bike Lanes:                              55 (64%)
              Not in favour of Marked Bike Lanes:                          19 (22%)
               Other                                         11 ( 13%)
              No response                                                    1 (  1%)

              The comments  included a few  negative remarks regarding the  bike route and  the high speeds and  volumes of
              traffic along SW Marine, but the majority were in favour of the proposal.

              If approved, little impact on the neighbourhood is anticipated.   The painted and repaired shoulders will not
              affect existing driving and parking conditions. 

     (b)      Implementation

              If  approved, pavement improvements and  painting will begin  as soon as possible  and completion is expected
              this spring. 

     (c)      Maintenance

              Elements of  the SW  Marine Drive bike  route could  be considered  for maintenance levels  above those  of a
              normal street.  However, due  to current budget constraints it is recommended that the  bicycle route receive
              the same level of service as  would a normal street, at no  additional cost.  This may require  refusing some
              public requests for extraordinary maintenance levels.


   The cost to implement the SW Marine Drive bike route is as follows:

     49th/Marine refuge path                                   $ 22,000
     Cyclist actuation at 41st/Marine                         $   8,000
     Pavement improvements on shoulder                         $ 75,000
     Pavement markings and signs                               $ 15,000
     Total                                                     $120,000

                            Provincial Share                    $ 60,000

                            City Share                          $ 60,000
                            Previously allocated in 1996        $ 45,000

                            Amount Required Now                 $ 15,000

   $45,000  has already  been allocated  for preliminary  work  and another  $75,000 is  now  required to  complete this
     project.  $60,000 is  to be provided by approved Provincial  cost share, with the  remaining amount of $15,000 to  be
     funded from the Streets Basic Capital Unappropriated Account #12/31/6903/999, Bicycle Network.  


   The  Bicycle Advisory Committee to Council was involved in the design
   of this route but was  unable to review this report as it  was not in
   session  during its  writing.   The ex-Chair  of the  Committee, John
   Whistler,   has   reviewed   this   report  and   he   supports   its

                           *   *   *   *   *    

                                                        APPENDIX A
                             SURVEY AND RESULTS