T & T COMMITTEE AGENDA
                                                                                  FEBRUARY 5, 1997

                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                                                         Date:    January 7, 1997
                                                                         Dept. File No.
                                                                         CC File: 5653-1

     TO:              Standing Committee on Transportation and Traffic

     FROM:    General Manager of Engineering Services

     SUBJECT:         Langara College - Pay Parking Proposal


              A.      THAT the  City rescind  its agreement  with Langara College  that restricts  the College from
                      charging for parking  on its property. The  City will no longer be responsible for  a portion
                      of the maintenance costs on the College s parking lot (estimated to be $7,000 in 1997).

              B.      THAT  City staff  be authorized  to expand the  Resident Parking  program in  the residential
                      neighbourhood adjacent to  the College to restrict  over-spill parking generally in accordance
                      with Appendix A. This work is  estimated to cost $20,000 (including  $6,000 already completed
                      to convert  and expand the existing  resident parking zones)   and the College will  reimburse
                      the City for these costs.

              C.      THAT the General Manager of Engineering Services continue to monitor the area        a  n  d
                      make any necessary adjustments to the regulations after discussions with residents.


     Council has  supported neighbourhood  parking programs  to reduce  overspill  parking by  the installation  of
     resident parking regulations.

     The City, though Transport 2021, supports parking pricing to reflect  the cost of its provision and to  reduce
     the use of the automobile.

     A  1971 resolution of Council  prohibited the College  from charging  for parking. In 1994,  Council reviewed a
     CD1  amendment of  the site,  divided into two phases.  Phase I,  additions to  buildings and  parking, is now
     complete. Phase II is to  include further additions and a Parkade. Among a series of conditions  for the site,
     Council approved the following related to pay parking:

              That Council has a willingness to consider pay parking in Phase I.                                                                               

              That, subject  to Council approval, the  College, as part of  Phase II, be permitted  to institute pay
              parking on  campus at  such time as  Langara College has  obtained an  Occupancy permit for  a parking
              structure which will provide an  aggregate of not less than 1450 spaces on campus,  and subject to the
              College funding the costs of implementing a resident parking program to a maximum of $20,000 (in  1994
              dollars), prior to occupancy of the parking structure.


     This  report revisits  a request by  Langara College to charge  for parking on their  parking lots. The report
     reviews the public  consultation process, provides information on  Traffic Demand Management (TDM)  initiatives
     taken  by the  college,  and discusses  the need  for expanded  resident parking  regulations in  the adjacent


     On October 10,  1996 City Council deferred a  request by Langara College to  charge for parking in the College
     parking lots.  This deferral  allowed the  completion of  the public  consultation process  in the  surrounding
     residential neighbourhood. 

     It is now  appropriate to review the request by the College.  They have completed their Phase  I addition, and
     have undertaken a  number of TDM initiatives as noted in the report. Staff have  also now changed the existing
     mix of  resident permit and unregulated  zones to 100  percent resident parking only  zones, to better  protect
     the community from overspill parking. Staff have also further consulted with the community.

     The  changes to the resident parking  regulations have significantly  reduced existing overspill parking in the
     community.  There  has been    some  expansion of  the  impact  area  and  some  continued parking  violations,
     particularly corner clearances, however, these  problems can be dealt with. These changes indicate that  proper
     signing can deal effectively with the impact of pay parking. This is very  important as the ability of parking
     regulations to deal with increased overspill because of pay parking was a major concern of the community.

     A  potential impact  area  has  been  identified  if  pay parking  were  approved.   Without  resident  parking
     regulations pay  parking would push many of the people that currently park  in the Langara College parking lot
     onto the  surrounding streets. It would be expected  that parking overspill would  extend from 44th at Manitoba
     to 56th at Ontario. Staff have  drafted a plan that attempts to provide this protection. Resident parking  only
     zones would  be installed in  a broad area  outside the existing parking regulations.  These draft regulations
     are illustrated in Appendix A.


     Langara College  have renewed their request to allow pay  parking. This request,  attached as Appendix B, also
     identifies TDM  initiatives that respond to Council s October 10, 1996 request that the College prepare a  TDM
     plan. These  include the formation of a  College transportation committee; an  information/ education program;
     additional  bicycle spaces,  including 200  class A  spaces; work  towards better transit,  including improved
     service  frequencies and  bus shelters;  and  better  community liaison.  These  should  reduce the  College s
     reliance on the automobile and potential neighbourhood impacts.

     The College is also responsible for  the costs of a  traffic signal that would be located at their  parking lot
     exit, at  49th and Columbia. This signal could also  reduce the amount of traffic that now exits onto Ontario.
     It  was agreed  that  the need  for  this  signal would  be  determined by  City  Council from  a  study to  be
     commissioned  by the College within  5 years of  the enactment  of their recent rezoning.  Because of community
     and  City staff concerns about access and  safety at this location,  the College has been  asked if they could
     proceed with this review later this year.

     In July 1996, staff initiated a  public consultation process in the  neighbourhood surrounding Langara College.
     Information was distributed to  the community and a  well-attended public meeting  was held to discuss  the pay
     parking proposal.  There was  great concern about  the potential  impacts on the  neighbourhood, and residents
     particularly  felt that the existing resident  permit parking regulations in the immediate area did not provide
     the type of protection to deal with the greater impact of pay parking.

     Since the  changes to  the resident  parking regulations,  an  information flier  was distributed  to all  the
     residents in  the immediate area.  The  changes to the signing in this area have  been well received, although
     several individuals have expressed a  desire to maintain permit regulations  to make enforcement  easier. These
     requests can be accommodated with the agreement of their neighbours.

     A  survey of  residents in the outlying  area shows  support for  pay parking  at Langara, provided   resident
     parking regulations are  first installed on  the residential  streets. This is  a change from  the community s
     initial reaction to the proposal, and reflects the success of the changes to the existing regulations.

                                              * * * * *