POLICY REPORT
                           BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT

                                  Date: December 20, 1996
                                  Dept. File No.96033 & 96044-PP/LC

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     Director of Land Use and Development, in consultation with the
             General Manager of Engineering Services

   SUBJECT:  CD-1 Text Amendments: 3418 and 3550 Vanness Avenue
             (Collingwood Village); Amendment of Parking Requirement for
             Multi-family Residential Use


        THAT the applications by  Greystone Properties Ltd.  to  amend CD-1
        By-laws No. 7204 and No. 7639 to reduce the parking requirement for
        multi-family   residential  use  be  referred  to  Public  Hearing,
        together with:

        (i)  the draft  CD-1 By-law  amendments, generally as  contained in
             Appendix A; and

        (ii) the recommendation of the Director of Land Use and Development
             to approve the applications;

        FURTHER  THAT  the  Director  of Legal  Services  be  instructed to
        prepare the  necessary by-laws  for  consideration at  the   Public


        The General  Manager of  Community Services RECOMMENDS  approval of
        the foregoing.


   Relevant Council policy includes:

   *    City Plan (1995)
   *    The Collingwood Village  CD-1 By-laws No.  7204 (1993) and No. 7639
   *    Housing Opportunities Strategy (1990)
   *    Joyce Station Area Plan (JSAP) (1987).


   This report evaluates two  applications by Greystone Properties  Ltd. to
   amend  the existing CD-1 By-laws for Collingwood Village and an adjacent
   site  in the Joyce Station  Area.  The  proposed amendments would reduce
   the  amount of  parking required  for (market)  multi-family residential


   Background:   On November 2,  1993, Council approved  the application by
   VLC  Properties  (now  Greystone Properties)  for  the  rezoning of  the
   Joyce/Vanness  Industrial  Area  for   the  development  of  Collingwood
   Village.   The Collingwood Village development  ultimately would include
   up  to 192 000 m2 in a maximum of 2,800 dwelling units.  Development was
   to occur in four phases over 10 to 12 years.  Phase I, with 685 dwelling
   units and consisting of 50 099 m2, has been built and occupied.  Another
   127  dwelling units (7 996 m2)  at 3418 Vanness  Avenue, contiguous with
   the  Collingwood Village  CD-1,  were approved  in  a separate  rezoning
   enacted October 22, 1996.

   The  parking  requirement for  market  multi-family  residential use  at
   Collingwood Village is:

         a minimum of 1  space for each 200 m2  of gross floor area  plus 1
        space for  each dwelling unit, except that  no more than 1.1 spaces
        per dwelling unit need be provided for each dwelling unit less than
        50 m2 of gross floor area; 

   and for 3418 Vanness Avenue is:

         a  minimum of one off-street parking space for every dwelling unit
        plus one space for each 200 m2 of gross residential floor area must
        be provided. 

   The  parking standard for Collingwood Village is illustrated in Figure 1
   (see Appendix B).

   In recognition of  proximity to SkyTrain, this standard is 0.1 space per
   unit lower than  the RM-4 standard that is used  for similar residential
   development in many areas of  the city.  The standard also  assumes that
   half of the  customary 0.2  space per unit  visitor parking  requirement
   will be  satisfied  on the  street.   Overall,  the  standard   requires
   approximately 1.35 parking spaces per dwelling unit.

   With the occupancy of nearby Wellington Mews, 3450 Wellington Avenue and
   the  first phase of Collingwood Village, it became apparent that parking
   demand is not  as high as  had been expected.   Consequently,  Greystone
   applied for an amendment to the CD-1 zoning to require less parking.  To
   document  the true demand for parking, Greystone secured the services of
   a  consultant, Paul  Bunt  &  Associates  Engineering  Ltd.    The  City
   participated jointly in the ensuing study.

   Parking  Study:   The  investigation of parking  demands for Collingwood
   Village  is  documented  in  the  Collingwood  Village  Parking  Study ,
   prepared  by  the consultant  and available  through  the office  of the
   General Manager of Engineering  Services.  The following  summarizes the
   study and its findings.

   A  survey  was   completed  by  residents  from  52  recently  developed
   multiple-unit housing sites in east Vancouver or west Burnaby in summer,
   1996.  Thirty-three of the sites  were within 300 m (approximately 1,000
   ft.)   of  SkyTrain; the remainder  were at  least 1  000 m  (3,280 ft.)
   removed.  City staff  also surveyed residents in 7  additional locations
   and augmented  coverage at one of  the original 52 sites.   In addition,
   occupancy counts  of on-street  and underground parking  were conducted.
   Finally, license plates were recorded and then traced to determine where
   the owners of vehicles on the street lived.

   Study Findings:  The car  ownership levels  determined from  the surveys
   (see Table 1  below) were  significantly lower than  anticipated in  the
   current  CD 1 by-laws.  The average ownership overall was almost exactly
   1.0 vehicle per household.  Those residences near SkyTrain averaged 0.96
   vehicle per household.


          No.  of                  Near SkyTrain                Remote from SkyTrain               All Households
                       # Households      Percentage    # Households      Percentage    # Households      Percentage      Owned

             0              86               24%             33              17%             119             21%
             1              213              59%             125             64%             338             61%
             2              54               15%             31              16%             85              15%
             3               7              1.9%              4              2%              11             2.0%
             4               1              0.3%              1              1%               2             0.4%

           TOTAL            361             100%             194            100%             555            100%
          AVERAGE          0.96                             1.05                            0.99

       21% of all households (24% near SkyTrain) did not have a vehicle.

       Residents of Collingwood  Village/Wellington Mews reported  vehicle
        ownership averaging 0.99 vehicle/household.

       A clear relationship between the size of the dwelling and the level
        of vehicle ownership was established; i.e., the larger the unit the
        higher the number of vehicles.

       Frequency of  use of the  SkyTrain has a strong,  inverse link with
        the  level  of  vehicle  ownership;  e.g.  those surveyed  who  use
        SkyTrain less than twice per month own an average of 1.14 vehicles,
        while those  using it more than  ten times per month  own only 0.82
        vehicle per  household.  Overall,  those living closer  to SkyTrain
        were higher users, as expected.

       Household  income and the number of household residents also showed
        direct links with vehicle ownership.

       While   vehicle  ownership  among   owner-occupied  households  was
        slightly  higher  than found  in  rental households,  there  was no
        difference when units of the same size were compared.

       Some 11%  of residents   vehicles were regularly  parked on-street,
        for various reasons; regardless of cost or parking availability, it
        is expected  that 5% to 7% of vehicles will be parked on-street due
        to overheight vehicles, safety concerns, etc.

       Late-night   occupancy  at  Collingwood   Village,  correcting  for
        unoccupied units, was observed at 0.57 stall per unit.  This cannot
        be  used to  determine a  parking requirement since  several demand
        components are  missing or under-represented, but  does indicate an
        excess of parking provision.

       While on-street parking  was fairly evenly distributed in  the four
        quadrants surrounding Joyce  Station at night,  during the day  the
        southeast  quadrant (Collingwood  Village)  had significantly  more
        vehicles  than  other  areas.   This  likely  indicates  parking by
        commuters  using  SkyTrain  or  employees of  local  businesses  or
        institutions, using the unrestricted curb space.

   Reduction  in  Parking Standard:  Based on  the study s  findings, staff
   recommend that the parking requirement be amended as follows:

       0.75 space per  dwelling unit plus  one space per  250 m2 of  gross
        floor area of residential use.

   The requirement  represents  a 20  to  25% reduction  in the  amount  of
   residential parking,  and could  ultimately reduce parking  provision by
   some  700  spaces  for Collingwood  Village  at  build  out.   Figure  1
   illustrates the proposed  standard and how, for example, a typical 70 m2
   unit  would yield  1.03  space instead  of 1.35  space.   While  on-site
   parking  for visitors  may at  first  appear limited,  additional spaces
   could be  made available (as  a result of ongoing  parking of residents 
   vehicles on the street) with proper management of on-site resources.

   Financial Implications of Reduced Parking Standard: The rezoning of 3418
   Vanness  Avenue (formerly  5104-5156  Joyce Street)  included a  density
   bonus  for the provision  of a crime  prevention office.   The bonus was
   based on a financial evaluation of the project by the City s Real Estate
   Division.    A  reduction in  the  parking requirement  will  affect the
   financial  evaluation  for this  project;  however,  due  to the  timing
   constraints  of this application, staff  have not reviewed the financial
   evaluation.  Staff will present the results of the review and a possible
   recommendation  of  a  condition  of  approval  to   reflect  this  cost
   differential to the developers at the Public Hearing.

   Further  Parking Review:  Staff  note that  the study  findings  will be
   discussed  with the  public  and revisions  to multi-family  residential
   parking  standards for  other zoning  districts may  be proposed  in the


   Greystone  Properties, consultant  Bunt  & Associates,  City staff,  and
   Joyce  Area  residents  have   worked  together  to  determine  a   more
   appropriate standard for requiring parking for multi-family  residential
   use  in Collingwood  Village.   A  reduced standard  is  recommended for
   Collingwood Village and an  adjacent site.  Staff recommend that the two
   applications be referred  to a Public Hearing with a recommendation from
   the  Director of  Land  Use and  Development, in  consultation  with the
   General Manager of  Engineering Services, that they  be approved subject
   to draft CD-1 By-law provisions  generally as shown in Appendix A.   The
   study also provides  valuable information for  further review of  market
   multi-family residential parking standards.

                                   * * * * *

                                                                 APPENDIX A

                           PROPOSED TEXT AMENDMENTS

   3550 Vanness Avenue

   Amend  Section 10(a),  Parking,  of CD-1  By-law No.  7204,  as follows:
   (strikeout indicates deletions and italics indicates insertions)

    (a)      multiple dwelling uses  shall provide a minimum of 1 space for
             each 200  250 m2 of  gross residential  floor area plus  1 .75
             space for  each dwelling unit,  except that  no more than  1.1
             spaces per  dwelling unit need  be provided for  each dwelling
             unit less than 50 m2 of gross floor area; 

   3418 Vanness Avenue

   Amend  Section  5(a),  Parking, of  CD-1  By-law No.  7639,  as follows:
   (strikeout indicates deletions and italics indicates insertions)

   "(a)      a  minimum  of one  .75  off-street  parking space  for  every
             dwelling  unit plus one  space for  each 200  250 m2  of gross
             residential floor area must be provided,"

                                                                 APPENDIX C


   Public  Input:    Greystone and  the  City have  involved  the community
   throughout the review  process.  The Joyce Area Planning Association and
   Greystone  distributed notices throughout  the Joyce Station  area for a
   Public Information Meeting held November 21, 1996, in the community.  In
   response  to the  presentation  by the  consultant and  City  staff, the
   twenty  residents  attending voiced  support  for  the proposed  parking
   requirement reduction.

   The  major  concern   expressed  by  residents  was   need  for  signed,
   short-term,  on-street parking  in  Collingwood  Village, with  adequate
   enforcement, in light of the documentation of heavy parking by outsiders
   likely  using  the   SkyTrain.    An  application  from   Greystone  for
   time-limited on-street parking is currently being processed.

   Applicant s Comments:  

    Greystone  Properties, together  with  the Joyce  Street Area  Planning
   Committee,  community  representatives,  the  City  staff,  have  worked
   conscientiously   and  diligently   to  review   and  compare   existing
   residential   parking  requirements   with  actual  parking   demand  at
   Collingwood Village.   Input from purchasers of our  residential product
   together with our  staff monitoring of our Collingwood projects over the
   last  three years resulted in the comprehensive  review of this issue by
   Bunt and Associates in cooperation with the City and community.

   We are all satisfied that the Bunt parking study accurately reflects the
   need to revise  the City parking standards  for multi-family residential
   uses at Collingwood Village, given the close proximity to the SkyTrain.

   We   concur  with  the  Staff  report  recommendation  and  welcome  the
   community s  complete support  of  the recommendation,  and are  looking
   forward to  appearing together with staff  and community representatives
   to  review the recommended Text Amendment  with Council at the scheduled
   Public Hearing. 
                                                                 APPENDIX D


       Street Address            3148 Vanness Avenue                              3550 Vanness Avenue

       Legal Description         Parcel 1, Blk 158, D.L. 37, PL27237              Blk.  N, D.L. 36, PL12495

       Applicant                 Bob Heaslip                                      Brian McCauley

       Property Owners           377417 B.C. Ltd.                                 Crowley Drive Holdings Ltd.
       Developer                 Greystone Properties Ltd.

     DEVELOPMENT STATISTICS (for both applications)
                                           DEVELOPMENT PERMITTED                                RECOMMENDED
                                           UNDER EXISTING ZONING          PROPOSED            DEVELOPMENT (if
                                                                         DEVELOPMENT      different than proposed)

PARKING SPACES 1 space per dwelling unit .75 space per plus 1 space per 200 m2; dwelling unit 1.1 space per dwelling plus 1 space unit less than 50 m2 per 250 m2 (applies to 3550 Vanness only) ZONING CD-1 CD-1 Amended