POLICY REPORT
                                URBAN STRUCTURE

                                             Date: December 23, 1996
                                             Dept. File No. IS

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     Director of Central Area Planning

   SUBJECT:  CD-1 Text Amendment for 572 Beatty Street - International


        THAT the Director of Land Use and Development be instructed to make
        application to amend CD-1 By-law No. 6747 for International Village
        to delete the maximum  permitted tower width and the  minimum built
        form  street  edge height  requirements,  and  correct the  wording
        relating to residential parking requirements as set out in Appendix
         A , and that this application be referred to Public Hearing. 

        FURTHER  THAT  the Director  of  Legal  Services be  instructed  to
        prepare the necessary by-law for consideration at Public Hearing.


        The General  Manager of  Community Services RECOMMENDS  approval of
        the foregoing.


   Relevant Council policies for the site include:

   -    Central Area Plan, adopted December 3, 1991;
   -    False Creek  North Official  Development Plan, adopted  April 1990,
        and most recently amended November 5, 1996.
       International Village CD-1 Guidelines, adopted November 1996.


   The  purpose of  this report is  to recommend  amending the  text of the
   International  Village  CD-1  By-law  to clear  up  inconsistencies  and
   overlaps  with   the   recently  adopted   International  Village   CD-1
   Guidelines,  and to correctly reflect the agreement on the parking ratio
   reached at Public Hearing.


   The  original plan for International  Village was adopted  with the CD-1
   zoning in  1989. One residential/commercial development,  known as Paris
   Place, has been completed under this zoning. 

   In  1995, given economic  and other marketing  conditions, the developer
   decided to request amendments to the text of the CD-1 By-law to increase
   the number  of units  by converting  commercial  space into  residential
   units  and by converting some non-market units into a pay-in-lieu. These
   changes  substantially  altered  the  adopted form  of  development  and
   required changes to the  design guidelines. When the changes  were made,
   the intent was to eliminate  by-law regulations relating to the form  of
   development which  were better covered by  the guidelines. Unfortunately
   some of the  by-law amendments  were missed, creating  problems for  the
   subsequent Development Application.

   Following public consultation, this application was approved at a Public
   Hearing on December 14, 1995, and enacted on November 5, 1996.


   Following enactment,  the  developer submitted  a  complete  development
   application for the commercial  block (Parcel E), including a  23 storey
   residential  tower. In accordance  with the  revised guidelines  and the
   design presented at Public Hearing, a maximum tower width of  23.7 m (78
   ft.) was  proposed. Unfortunately this  contradicts a regulation  in the
   CD-1 By-law adopted with the original form of development in 1989, which
   limits tower width for  the upper portion  of the building  to 22 m  (72
   ft.), excluding balcony projections.

   Staff  are supportive  of  the  proposed tower  width  and in  order  to
   consider this  development application,  an amendment  to the  by-law is
   required  to  delete  section  10.2. Staff  also  recommend  deletion of
   section  10.3 which  deals with  minimum built  form street  edge height
   requirements, as this has been covered in the approved design guidelines
   (Section 3.7.2(a)).

   At  the same  time,  section 11  of  the by-law,  which  provides for  a
   reduction in the  normal parking  requirements, needs to  be amended  to
   properly reflect Council s decisions at the 1995 Public Hearing.

   The  sections  to be  deleted and  revised  wording for  section 11.1(b)
   pertaining to  the parking requirements for dwelling  uses, are included
   in Appendix A.


   Staff  support these text amendments in order to resolve inconsistencies
   between the  guidelines and the  by-law and  to reflect the  wording for
   parking requirements agreed to at a previous Public Hearing.

                               *   *   *   *   *

                                                                 APPENDIX A

                           PROPOSED TEXT AMENDMENTS


   Delete sections 10.2 and 10.3, Height, of CD-1 By-law #7658 as follows:

   10.2      The upper one-third of a residential building exceeding 10
             storeys in height shall have a maximum facade width of 22 m,
             excluding balcony projections, the facade to be determined by
             reference to the street grid typical of the Downtown District
             (DD) west of Beatty Street.

   10.3      Development along Pender, Abbott, Taylor and Keefer Streets
             shall have a built form edge at least 7 m in height.


   Amend section 11.1 (b) by adding the words noted in italics, as follows:

    dwelling uses, but not including units designated for core-need or
   seniors housing, shall provide a minimum of 1 space for each 100 m2 of
   gross floor area plus 0.4 spaces for each dwelling unit, and a maximum
   of 1 space for each 100 m2 of gross floor area plus 0.6 spaces for each
   dwelling unit. 

   Delete section 11.2 as follows:

   11.2      Notwithstanding Section 11.1, the Director of Planning, in
             consultation with the General Manager of Engineering Services
             and taking into account the time-varying demand of use, may
             permit a reduction to a maximum of 10 percent in the number of
             parking spaces otherwise required by clauses (a), (b), (d) and
             (e) of Section 11.1.
             [7658; 96 11 05]