POLICY REPORT
                           DEVELOPMENT AND BUILDING

                                           Date: December 11, 1996
                                           Dept. File No.  96003 RW

   TO:       Vancouver City Council

   FROM:     Director of Land Use and Development

   SUBJECT:  Proposed CD-1 Amendment - 7252 Kerr Street
             (Southview Lodge)


        THAT the application by Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams Architects  to
        amend the existing CD-1 By-law No. 4550 (No. 68)  for 7252 Kerr
        Street ( Lots 3 and 4 of Lot A, D.L. 334, Plan 13993) by creating a
        new CD-1 to permit special needs residential uses, and amending the
        existing CD-1 to delete references to 7252 Kerr Street, be referred
        to a Public Hearing, together with:

        (a)  draft CD-1 by-law provisions generally as contained in
             Appendix A;

        (b)  draft conditions of approval contained in Appendix B;

        (c)  plans received June 20, 1996; and

        (d)  the recommendation of the Director of Land Use and Development
             to approve the application, as outlined in this report;

        FURTHER THAT the Director of Legal Services be instructed to
        prepare the necessary by-laws for consideration at the Public


        The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of
        the foregoing.


   Southeast Sector Development Plan, approved in 1968.


   This report analyses a rezoning application to permit the redevelopment
   of an existing personal care home which has reached the end of its
   usefulness, both in terms of practical use and in meeting requirements
   under current Provincial regulations and policies for such institutions. 
   The proposal would double the amount of development on the site, over an
   approximately 10-year period.

   The application has received favourable response from City departments
   and neighbouring residents, and staff recommend that the application be
   referred to Public Hearing and be approved.


   Height:  Residents immediately east of the site asked that the roofline
   along the eastern side of the proposal be modified to reduce the effect
   of the building height.  The applicant has agreed to this change.

   On-street Parking Lay-by: The applicant wishes to provide a lay-by on
   East 58th Avenue adjacent to the main entry to the seniors housing
   component.  The applicant feels that the lay-by "is important and
   necessary because it allows for safe drop-off and pickup" directly in
   front of this entry point.  Engineering Services is prepared to provide
   a "Passenger-only Zone" in the same location, but does not support the
   lay-by, particularly given the ability to access entrances to the
   building from the internal parking area on the east side of the site. 
   Condition 2 (ii) (Appendix B) requires the applicant to delete the
   lay-bys (a second had also been proposed on Kerr Street but is no longer
   sought by the applicant).

   The Seniors Advisory Committee supports the lay-by as it is seen as
   "necessary for those frail seniors as they embark from cars".


   Staff recommend that this application be referred to Public Hearing and
   that the application be approved.

                                     * * *
                                                                 APPENDIX A

                         DRAFT CD-1 BY-LAW PARAMETERS
                     (7252 KERR STREET [SOUTHVIEW LODGE])

   A)   FOR 7252 KERR STREET

   Uses:     Special Needs Residential Facility - Community Care - Class B.

        Special Needs Residential Facility - Congregate Housing, which may
        include self-contained residential units.

        Accessory Buildings and Uses customarily ancillary to any of the
        uses listed in this section.

   FSR: Maximum 1.25

   Height:   3 Storeys.

   Parking:  A minimum of 65 parking spaces are to be provided, developed
             and maintained in accordance with the Parking By-law and the
             specific requirements for each separate phase of development,
             and in accordance with the following standards:

                   1.     one space for each six community care beds;
                   2.     one space for every two congregate housing units;
                   3.     visitor parking to be provided at the rate of 10
                          percent of the total number of community care
                          beds or congregate units which will exist at the
                          end of each phase.

                   The Director of Planning, on the advice of the General
                   Manger of Engineering Services, will have regard for
                   the parking needs of existing development on the site
                   and may grant a relaxation in meeting the above-noted
                   standards where such relaxation will not impact
                   surrounding developments and residents or the parking
                   needs of staff, residents or visitors to the site.

   B)              FOR EXISTING CD-1 BY-LAW NO.  4550 (CD-1 #68)

                   PLAN:  Delete site from CD-1 District.

                                                                 APPENDIX B

                     (7252 KERR STREET [SOUTHVIEW LODGE])

   1.      THAT the proposed form of development be approved by Council in
           principle, generally as prepared by Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams
           Architects and stamped "Received City Planning Department, June
           20, 1996"; and

   2.      THAT prior to the final approval by Council of the form of
           development, the applicant shall obtain approval of a
           development application by the Director of Planning.  In
           considering development applications for each of the three
           phases, the Director will have regard for the following

           i)     the roof line of the buildings along the easterly
                  property line are to be redesigned to reduce the affect
                  of the height on adjacent properties to the east;

           ii)    lay-bys shown on Kerr Street and East 58th Avenues are to
                  be deleted from the drawings;

           iii)   existing and proposed crossings are to be combined into a
                  single entry point on East 58th Avenue;

           iv)    the bottom of the proposed parking ramp is required to be
                  redesigned to provide adequate two-way traffic flow;

           v)     two loading spaces are to be clearly indicated;

           vi)    a class B passenger space (e.g., handi-dart) is to be
                  provided as required by the Parking By-law;

           vii)   design development to take into consideration the
                  principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through
                  Environmental Design) including reducing opportunities

                  -  theft in the underground parking area;
                  -  ground level break and enter; and
                  -  cutting through the property given the proximity to
                     the mall.

           viii)  attention to Fire Department concerns outlined in
                  Appendix E of the Manager's report; and

           ix)    submission of a landscape plan to include investigation
                  of relocating some of the existing mature trees earmarked
                  for elimination, to other parts of the site, where

                                                                 APPENDIX C
                                                                Page 1 of 2


   The site is located on the northeast corner of Kerr Street and East 58th
   Avenue.  The site has a frontage along Kerr Street of 101.5 m (333 ft.)
   and a frontage along East 58th Avenue of 103.9 m (341 ft.).  The total
   site area is 10,445 m2 (112,433 sq. ft./1.04 ha [2.58 acres]).

   The site was rezoned in 1970 as part of the development plan for the
   then undeveloped "South East Sector" (now Champlain Heights) which was
   largely owned by the City.  A development plan was approved by Council
   in 1968.

   The present building on the site was constructed as a personal care home
   for the elderly with 115-beds and associated dining, lounge,
   administrative and support areas.  The development is now having to cope
   with higher levels of care and provincial standards which it can no
   longer meet.

   Proposed Development

   The redevelopment is proposed to occur in three phases:

          Phase 1 will see development of 57 self-contained congregate
           units to function as seniors assisted living residences for
           rent.  Parking will be provided at the rate of one space for
           every two units.  The new development will be connected to the
           existing centre block in order to allow residents to use
           existing common areas.

          Phase 2 will consist of a 96-bed multi-level care facility, to
           include convalescent care, special care and intermediate care
           beds.  Parking will be provided at the rate of 1 space for every
           six beds.

          Phase 3 will provide for renovations to the central building
           plus 10 additional congregate units.

   When completed the overall development will reach a maximum floor space
   ratio of 1.25.

                                                                 APPENDIX C
                                                                Page 2 of 2

   In terms of the overall design, buildings are generally located in the
   same places as the existing site layout, but they are larger, both in
   terms of building footprint and height.  A soft residential approach is
   used for the facades, with a gently sloped principal roof and pitched
   gables over bay windows.  The key to the redevelopment is retention of
   the large grassed forecourt along Kerr Street which will continue to
   provide for passive recreation  and greenspace for the residents of the

   With regard to the existing landscaping on the site, 38 of 72 trees
   located on the plan will be removed because of the redevelopment.  A few
   of these may be relocated and a condition is established in Appendix B
   to provide for this investigation at the development permit stage.

                                                                 APPENDIX D

                           PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT PLAN

                                                                 APPENDIX E
                                                                Page 1 of 4

                            PUBLIC AND OTHER INPUT

   Public Input: Notice signs were posted on the site June 29, 1996.  Early
   notification letters were mailed on August 9, 1996.

   To date, two letters have been received, expressing support for the
   redevelopment, but expressing concerns about the extent of disruption
   likely to be caused over the construction period.

   One of these letters was received from a resident of Highgate, the
   townhouse complex immediately south of the rezoning site, on the south
   side of East 58th Avenue.  The individual expressed concerns about the
   changing nature of the development, with some residents likely to have a
   greater functional level than existing residents and wondered whether
   this would mean more visits to the site in terms of elderly friends and
   relatives of new residents.  Noting that a fatality had occurred at the
   corner of 58th and Kerr in the time that the application is being
   processed, the resident suggested at the very least that a
   vehicle-sensitive light be installed for cars to safely make the left
   turn from East 58th Avenue to go south on Kerr Street.

   The resident also wondered about the removal of asbestos and the
   potential harm to surrounding residents.

   Engineering Services Comments:   Engineering Services has no objection
   to the proposed rezoning provided the following issues are addressed at
   the appropriate stage:

   -    Parking is to be provided as per the Vancouver Parking By-law.
   -    The lay-bys on Kerr Street and East 58th Avenue are not supported
        and should be deleted from the drawings.
   -    The existing and proposed crossings are to be combined into a
        single entry point on East 58th Avenue.   -    A redesign of the bottom of the proposed parking ramp is required
        to provide adequate two-way traffic flow.
   -    The two loading spaces for this development are to be clearly
        indicated on the drawings.
   -    A class B passenger space (e.g., handyDART) is to be provided as
        per the Vancouver Parking By-law.

   Fire Department's Comments:  The Fire Department has indicated that fire
   access to Building la must comply with VBBL requirements of maximum of
   15 metres from curb to principal entrance.  Depending upon Phase 2
   design, a secondary access may be required, fire lane included.  The
   Vancouver Fire Department advises that the applicant considers looking
   at the fire safety equipment design for cost considerations, building
   may be considered as a hi-rise.

                                                                 APPENDIX E
                                                                Page 2 of 4

   The applicant has responded as follows:

   The new south building (Phase 1) will be a separate building with a fire
   rated firewall separation between it and the existing building.  Two
   response locations will be required, one at the new building which will
   have a front entrance onto 58th Avenue and the second will be the
   existing response location, i.e., the entry from the east parking access
   driveway which meets fire lane design.

   The new building will have independent fire suppression and emergency

   The second phase will be a separate development permit application
   sometime in the next 5-10 years.

   Our understanding is that the discussion and this confirmation of the
   items above has cleared up the concerns of the Fire Department at the
   rezoning stage.

   The Fire Department agrees with this understanding.

   Permits and Licenses: No soils assessment is required.

   Health Department:  The City's acoustical criteria shall form part of
   the Zoning By-law, and an Acoustical Consultant's report shall be
   required which assesses noise impacts on the site and recommends noise
   mitigating measures.

   For the proposed Community Care Facility (adult care), plans will have
   to be submitted for approval to C.C.F.L., V.H.B.

   An acoustical report will be required and consultant's recommendations
   for mitigating measures must be incorporated into final design and

   Social Planning: No public art required on social housing or special
   needs residential facilities.

   Seniors Committee of Council: The following letter was sent from the
   Seniors Advisory Committee to the applicant, on September 13, 1996:

   At the Seniors Advisory Committee meeting held July 26, 1996 the
   Committee wholeheartedly endorsed the concept behind the redevelopment
   of Southview Lodge.  Particularly they endorsed the concept of continuum
   of care which is expressed in this project, with the addition of the
   multi-care level in the second phase.

   However, we were very disappointed to learn there is a possibility the
   Ministry of Health may not approve this project because that particular
   area of Vancouver has reached its quota of care facilities and other
   areas of Vancouver are in more need.

                                                                 APPENDIX E
                                                                Page 3 of 4

   We would argue it is important to allow seniors to "age in place" where
   possible.  The building of a multi-care facility on Southview Lodge site
   would effectively provide a continuum of care to the residents thereby
   allowing them to "age in place".  As a senior's health declines, they
   certainly do not need the added strain of moving out of their familiar
   surroundings and into a new neighbourhood.  The Salvation Army has
   served the residents of South Vancouver for many years through its
   facility at Southview Lodge and the Seniors Advisory Committee to
   Vancouver City Council would like to see that continue.  We therefore
   fully support this project.

   If we can be of assistance to you as you seek approval from the Ministry
   of Health, please let us know.

   Urban Design Panel: The Urban Design Panel reviewed this application on
   July 31, 1996.  Comments are as follows:


       Introduction: The Rezoning Planner, Rob Whitlock, introduced this
        CD-1 application to allow redevelopment of the Southview Lodge,
        operated by the Salvation Army since 1974.  Mr. Whitlock briefly
        described the site context.  The project is to be developed in
        three phases.  The first phase proposes to demolish the existing
        south wing and replace it with 57 self-contained rental apartments,
        connected to the existing centre block for access to common areas. 
        Parking  will be provided at a ratio of one space for every two
        units.  The second phase, projected to be built in about 5-6 years
        time, (north wing) will comprise a 96-bed multi-level care facility
        to include convalescent care, special care and intermediate care. 
        Phase 3 will provide for renovations to the centre building, plus
        an additional ten congregate units.  When complete, the overall
        development will reach a maximum FSR of 1.2.  The large forecourt
        on Kerr Street will be retained and will continue to provide
        passive recreation.  Thirty-eight (38) of the existing 72 trees
        will be removed and a few of them may be able to be relocated on
        the site.  The Planning Department has no major issues with this
        proposal and consider it to be a good form of development and
        appropriate density.

       Applicant's Opening Comments: Garth Ramsey, Architect, had nothing
        to add to the Planner s description of the project.

       Panel's Comments: After reviewing the model and posted drawings,
        the Panel commented as follows:

        The Panel unanimously supported this rezoning application.  The
        proposed density, massing and positioning of the elements on the
        site are all appropriate in this context.

                                                                 Appendix E
                                                                Page 4 of 4

        With respect to the first phase, the Panel found the understated
        architectural expression of the south building very refreshing.  In
        design development, attention should be given to ensuring there is
        a good relationship with the existing building, given the long-term
        phasing aspects of this project.

        The applicant's detailed report is commendable, including the very
        thorough tree assessment.  As much relocation of existing trees is
        strongly encouraged.

   Applicant's Comments: The applicant has reviewed this report and
   provided comments in the form of a letter with attached drawings shown
   in Appendix F.

                                                                 APPENDIX G



    Street Address      7252 Kerr Street
    Legal Description   Lots 3 and 4, D.L. 334, Plan 13993

    Applicant           Garth Ramsey, Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams

    Property Owner      Governing Council of the Salvation Army,
                        Canada West
    Developer            - Same -


                            GROSS       DEDICATIONS        NET

    SITE AREA             10 445 m2          -          10 445 m2


                           DEVELOPMENT       PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT
                         PERMITTED UNDER
                         EXISTING ZONING

    ZONING                    CD-1                 New CD-1

    USES                  Personal Care          Special Needs
    DWELLING UNITS        115 existing                163

    MAX. FLOOR SPACE            0.60                 1.20

    HEIGHT                 As existing                 *
    MAX. NO. OF             2-storeys              3-storeys

    PARKING SPACES         As existing             65 spaces

    FRONT YARD             As existing                 *

    SIDE YARD SETBACK      As existing                 *
    REAR YARD SETBACK      As existing                 *

        *    in accordance with proposed phased form of development