REPORT TO COUNCIL


                               November 29, 1996


   1.   Annual Report 1995-1996

        The Special Advisory Committee on Seniors has enjoyed an active and
   progressive  two years  due  to the  commitment  and enthusiasm  of  its


        The  Committee was  established in  July, 1983,  to work  with City
   Council, civic staff and other civic bodies to promote the well-being of
   senior citizens in  Vancouver, and  to ensure the  participation of  the
   elderly in all aspects of City life.  Its objectives are to:

   -    provide a forum for  the discussion and evaluation of  existing and
        proposed health, housing transportation and multi-cultural services
        for seniors;

   -    advise  and liaise  with City  Council, Council  appointed Advisory
        Committees and other seniors related groups;

   -    be  a  support  to  groups endeavouring  to  initiate  and  develop
        projects to assist seniors;

   -    offer a  means of disseminating pertinent  information obtained and
        evaluated by  Committee members to appropriate  agencies and groups
        throughout the City; and

   -    provide representation at various events and conferences concerning
        innovations,  legislation  and  policies affecting  seniors  and to
        report back to the Committee and City Council.

        The Committee s  membership is  comprised of individuals  active in
   other  organizations representing  the City s  grassroots community  and
   diverse ethnic  groups.  The members are  dedicated to the resolution of
   major issues confronting today s seniors.

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        The Special Advisory Committee  on Seniors has three subcommittees,
   Health,  Housing  and Multi-cultural,  each  of  which made  significant
   contributions   to  the   Committee s   work  during   1995  and   1996.
   Subcommittee  membership  includes  members  of  the  Committee,  health
   professionals and other interested individuals from the community.

        The   following    information   offers   an   overview    of   the
   accomplishments, presentations  and  projects  concerning  each  of  the

   a)   Housing Sub-committee

   The  Housing  Subcommittee  reviewed many  projects  in  1995 and  1996,
   -    Elks Club, 1313 Granville Street;
   -    Edith Cavell Hospital, 2855 Sohpia Street;
   -    Southpines Multi-level Care, 325 West 59th Avenue;
   -    Marathon Coal Harbour, Harbour Green Park;
   -    Arbutus Village;
   -    Hellenic Seniors Housing, 4492 Arbutus Street;
   -    St. George s Place, 2950 Laurel Street;
   -    Block 17, Chinese Benevolent Association;
   -    St. Luke s Home Society, 340-344 East Cordova Street;
   -    Southview Lodge, 7252 Kerr Street;
   -    CARE Housing Society, 183 Drake Street;
   -    Balaclava Mews, 41st and Balaclava;
   -    Fairhaven Home for Seniors, 2720 East 48th Avenue; and
   -    Three Links Care Home, 2940 East 22nd Avenue.

        The  Subcommittee  noted most  applicants  lacked  an awareness  of
   design features to include  in their projects which would  promote aging
   in place.  Furthermore, the Subcommittee has observed the general public
   also lacks an awareness concerning aging in place design features.

        An  additional Subcommittee  concern, applicable  to most  projects
   reviewed, was the amount of space  allocated to bicycle storage.  Rather
   than  being designed  specifically  for bike  storage, the  Subcommittee
   felt, in seniors  housing projects,  this space should  be designed  and
   designated  as  general  storage  which  could   accommodate  cumbersome
   equipment,  such as  wheelchairs.   This space  should also  provide the
   necessary facilities to accommodate the residents  need to  recharge the
   batteries associated with this kind of equipment.

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        The Subcommittee has concerns  with the application review process.
   Although  this  process  has   improved,  increased  communication  with
   Vancouver  City Planning staff would be of benefit.  Communication could
   be initiated at the  conceptual stage and continue through  the rezoning
   and/or  development and building and  permit stages.   It is anticipated
   the additional liaison between Planning staff and the subcommittee could
   save  applicants  time  and money  and result  in more  suitable seniors

   b)   Health Sub-committee

        The Health Subcommittee considered many different issues and became
   involved in several specific projects in 1995 and 1996, including:

   -    initiation  of   the  1994-1996    Hard  of  Hearing    project  in
        partnership  with UBC,  the Vancouver  Health Department  Audiology
        Department  and  the Western  Institute for  the  Deaf and  Hard of
        Hearing; and

   -    partnership  with the  UBC Faculty  of Dentistry  in an  attempt to
        address  dental  needs  of  seniors  in  care  facilities  and  the

        In addition to the  active role the Subcommittee has  undertaken in
   addressing  seniors health  care issues,  it has  received presentations
   regarding reference based  pricing, the pharmacare program  and from the
   Nutrition Neighbours and Sharing Kitchens projects.

   c)   Multi-cultural Sub-committee

        The Multi-cultural Subcommittee has  held its meetings in different
   locations in  the City  to  gain an  appreciation  of the  diversity  of
   cultures in Vancouver.  An issue of concern to the Subcommittee has been
   language barriers and the need  for assistive interpreters in government
   offices and health care facilities.

        In  addition   to  its  independent   interests,  the  Subcommittee
   represents the Special Advisory Committee on Seniors on Vancouver City s
    Senior Cross-Cultural Network .  

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        The  Committee has  reported  to Council  on  several projects  and
   issues, including:

   -    Marathon Coal Harbour Development;
   -    Parkdale Manor, 25th and Macdonald;
   -    33rd and Arbutus rental prices; and
   -    permissive tax exemption for pre-1974 housing properties.

        In addition,  the Committee has received presentations on a variety
   of topics from many individuals and organizations, including:

   -    Veronica  Doyle,  Manager  of  Policy  Analysis,  Housing   Branch,
        Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing;
   -    Sharon Martin and Anne Crichton, Vancouver Regional Health Board;
   -    Glen Maddess, Fire Chief, Vancouver Fire Department;
   -    Tom Perry, MLA;
   -    Val Pattee, Executive Director, BC Ambulance Services; and
   -    Tom Rainey, General Manager, Pacific Transit Cooperative.

        It should also  be noted  the Committee continues  to be  concerned
   with the  cost and efficiency  of the  planned changes in  ambulance and
   fire department emergency service delivery.


   As the proportion of  seniors in the population of  Vancouver increases,
   the  Special Advisory  Committee on  Seniors is  dedicated to  improving
   their well-being, to this  end, the Committee s members are  prepared to
   play a  more  significant  role  in addressing  issues  that  jeopardize
   seniors  quality of life.

                                 "(signed) Mary Bosze and Kay Stovold"
                                 Special Advisory Committee on Seniors


        The City Manager submits the foregoing for INFORMATION.

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