December 17, 1996


   1.   Term Report

        The Special Advisory Committee on Cultural Communities was formed
   by Council on March 29, 1994, to replace the Special Advisory Committee
   on Race Relations.  The Committee has fifteen members.  On February 1,
   1995, Council approved the following mandate and goals for the


        To act as a conduit towards forging and enhancing cohesive values
        in Vancouver's diverse communities and to promote harmony through
        cultural communities involvement.

   1995-96 GOALS

   -    To promote and increase welcoming and inclusion of cultural
        communities in neighbourhoods and communities of Vancouver.

   -    To facilitate the communication between, and the influence of,
        cultural communities on the business of the City of Vancouver.

   -    To promote sensitivity, fairness and effectiveness of City
        policies, action plans, strategies, services, programs and systems
        that impact cultural communities.

        The Committee has had a productive year with work ongoing in
   several key areas.


   -    Implementation of the "Barriers to Bridges" Neighbourhood
        Development projects; now an annual endeavour.  Appendix B sets out
        the neighbourhood development projects that have been approved in
        this program.

   -    Creating cultural harmony by opening up a dialogue with the media,
        particularly the Vancouver Sun.  Important progress is occurring
        with a renewed emphasis by the Sun on reporting a diverse range of
        cultural issues and groups.  Liaisons with other groups were
        formed, such as the Immigrant Services Society, on a media project
        to better inform reporters and journalists of the cultural
        communities around them.
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   -    Discussion occurred on the graffiti problem in relation to ethnic
        minorities, gays and lesbians.  The Police Department was involved
        and the Committee articulated its concerns.  This remains an area
        that requires the formulation of a specific initiative.

   -    The first ever Cultural Harmony Awards were bestowed this year in
        recognition of citizens and organizations that encouraged
        cross-cultural understanding.  In 1996 Mr. David Diamond was the
        award winner in the Individual Category, and in the Organization
        Category, the winner was "Early Childhood Multicultural Services
        Society".  The Committee hopes, with appropriate funding, to pursue
        this as an annual project.

   -    The Committee continues to consistently express a considered
        opinion on various government policies that impact our communities.

   -    The Committee frequently receives delegations from, and liaises
        with, other Departments of the City of Vancouver.

   -    The Annual March 21 event to commemorate the International Day for
        Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  This year the ceremony was
        held in the Council Chamber with the Mayor presenting a
        declaration.  A community reception followed.  
        The following issues were discussed and have been addressed in the
   recruitment of new Committee members:

   -    Mandate and Membership

        The Committee agrees that the pro-active role they have been
        playing and the ability to initiate projects to promote cultural
        harmony has been beneficial to the Community.  The Council's choice
        of Committee appointees from diverse backgrounds and cultural
        communities is essential to the Committee's ability to realize
        their mandate to act as a conduit towards forging and enhancing
        cohesive values in all of Vancouver's diverse communities.  The
        members commitment of 4-8 hours per month is crucial to progress of
        the Committee's work plan.

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   -    Staff Support

        The staff support we currently receive from the City Clerk's Office
        and Social Planning Department has provided valuable assistance to
        the Committee in  pursuit of its work plan and goals.


        In summary, the Committee believes given its limited resources, its
   achievements are notable.  However, the potential remains to be more
   effective in promoting cultural harmony.


        The Committee recognizes Council's continued support for the
   Cultural Harmony Award and International Day for Elimination of Racism
   and requests consideration be given to continued funding for the
   "Barriers to Bridges" Neighbourhood Development Projects.  In
   reappointment of the Committee, Council may wish to consider retaining
   some members from the previous term to provide for a dynamic membership
   while still maintaining continuity.

                                    (signed) "Eleanor Atienza"
                                    Chair, Special Advisory Committee
                                    on Cultural Communities


        The City Manager submits the foregoing for INFORMATION.