ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

                                                    Date: December 11, 1996

   TO:        Vancouver City Council

   FROM:      Manager of Building Management in consultation with the Chief

   SUBJECT:   Janitorial Services at 2120 Cambie Street


        THAT Council award the contract for janitorial services at 2120
        Cambie Street to the Building Management unit of Corporate Services
        for a three year term commencing on January 1, 1997 at an all-in
        cost of $450,000 ($150,000 per annum). The funding source for the
        contract is the Police Department's operating budget.


        The General Manager of Corporate Services RECOMMENDS approval of
        the foregoing.


   Council policy is to award contracts based on best value in terms of
   price, quality and service.

   Contract awards over $300,000 are made by Council.


   The purpose of this report is to describe the process involved in
   securing the delivery of janitorial services at 2120 Cambie Street for
   the Police Department and seek approval of the above recommendation.


   Building Management delivers janitorial services with city staff to many
   city facilities and provides contract management for janitorial services
   delivered by outside contractors. In all cases, the best value for the
   City is the prime factor in awarding this work.


   In the tendering process for purchasing janitorial services, Building
   Management publicly invites contractors to make submissions related to
   their business, expertise, performance, suitability, reference accounts
   and other relevant information. After a thorough review, a number of
   outside contractors are qualified to bid on City work.


   The leased facility at 2120 Cambie Street was occupied by the Police
   Department in 1994. Since then the janitorial services at that location
   have been provided by an outside contractor at an annual cost of
   $172,000. This contract recently came up for renewal and a tender was
   issued in accordance with City policy. Three outside contractors were
   pre-qualified to bid on the work. Additionally, the Building Management
   unit decided to bid as well and this was noted in the tender document.
   The janitorial services contract was for a subsequent three year term. 

   Two bids were received as an all-in cost (including GST as applicable)
   for the three year term, as follows:

   -    Building Management          $450,000
   -    Trimax                       $467,208

   The bids were evaluated by the user department in the normal manner and
   based on price, the quality of janitorial services provided at 312 Main
   Street and security preferences, the Police Department recommends the
   bid from Building Management be approved.

                           *     *     *     *     *