December 06, 1996

 TO:       Vancouver City Council

 FROM:     City Building Inspector

 SUBJECT:  Warning to Prospective Purchasers of 6098 Commercial Street Lot
           52, District Lot 718, SHLF, Plan 2245


      THAT the City Clerk be directed to file a 336D Notice against the
      Certificate of Title to the property at 6098 Commercial Street in
      order to warn prospective purchasers that there is a contravention of
      the Zoning and Development and Vancouver Building By-laws related to
      this building.


      The General Manager of Community Services RECOMMENDS approval of the


 The Vancouver Charter, Section 336D, provides a mechanism whereby the City
 of Vancouver can warn prospective purchasers of contravention of City
 By-laws relating to land or a building or structure.

 Section 336D of the Vancouver Charter provides that, if the City Building
 Inspector observes a condition that he considers:

 (a)  to be a contravention of a By-law or regulation relating to the
      construction or safety of buildings or structures; or

 (b)  as a result of that condition, a building or structure is unsafe or
      is unlikely to be useable for its expected purpose during its normal
      lifetime; or

 (c)  the contravention is of a nature that a purchaser, unaware of the
      contravention, would suffer a significant loss of expense if the
      By-laws were enforced against him;

 he may recommend to City Council that a resolution be considered, pursuant
 to Section 336D (2), directing the City Clerk to file a notice against the
 title to the property in the Land Title Office.

                                   - 2 -


 Over the last few years there have been numerous complaints filed with
 respect to the illegal occupancy of this one family dwelling.

 The number of occupants in the building fluctuated and most recently there
 was reported to be 15 unrelated persons living in the building.

 This issue was brought to the attention of the Neighbourhood Integrated
 Service Teams by the neighbouring residents.

 Resulting inspections revealed that in addition to the illegal occupancy,
 there were gas and electrical deficiencies and alterations and additions
 that had been constructed without permit.  This department issued an order
 to the owner in this regard.

 A reinspection of the building has confirmed that the owner has restored
 the occupancy to a one family dwelling, and has corrected the gas and
 electrical deficiencies.  However, to date he has not applied for permits
 for the alterations and additions.

 The property is now up for sale.

 The filing of this notice will ensure that any prospective purchaser is
 made aware that there is a contravention of the by-laws related to this
 building and that the purchaser may suffer a significant loss or expense
 if the by-laws were enforced against him.

                             *   *   *   *   *